Virginia's Historic Triangle

Danielle Call

I have spent my whole life visiting different places in Virginia and was lucky enough to live there for six years. In that time I have visited countless historic sites and even had the chance to work at some. From archaeological sites to historic trades, Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown have a lot to offer any visitor to the Historic Triangle.

Westover Plantation, Bacon's Castle, Redoubt 10, Yorktown Battlefield | Colonial National Historical Park, Jamestown National Historic Site, King's Arms Tavern, Shirley Plantation, Sherwood Forest Plantation Foundation, Williamsburg

  • Westover Plantation, United States

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      Westover Plantation is one of the many plantations situated on the James River. However unlike others the public is allowed tours of the house by appointment only. It was built by the Byrd family in the mid 1700's. Guests can wander around the gardens and spend a lovely afternoon on the grounds of Westover Plantation.

  • Bacon's Castle, United States

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      It's not a castle, and theres no bacon here. But you will find beautiful gardens, impressive architecture, and if you're luck (or not), maybe a few ghosts.

  • Redoubt 10 in Yorktown, United States

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      A redoubt is basically an early trench where soldiers would take cover. Redoubts 9 and 10 are noted on the Yorktown Battlefield maps, because George Washington was almost definitely in these places during the battle. It's incredible to be able to stand where he stood and realize the impact on history and the world.

  • Yorktown Battlefield | Colonial National Historical Park in Yorktown, United States

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      Yorktown Battlefield is where Lord Conwallis surrendered the British Army to George Washington at the end of the American Revolution. Walk around these fields and be in the presence of history.

  • Jamestown National Historic Site in Williamsburg, United States

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      You'll pass by the "Jamestown Settlement" on your way to the Jamestown Historic Site. The historic site is the actual location of the original settlement at Jamestown in 1607 - the first permanent English settlement in America. There have been incredible findings at this site (some of which I've been a part of) so I highly recommend a visit here.

  • King's Arms Tavern in Williamsburg, United States

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      For an authentic 18th century meal complete with 18th century musicians, you have to dine at the King's Arms. While today you can get a good meal and some entertainment, in the 1770's visitors would have also stayed in the rooms upstairs in the tavern. I highly recommend the peanut soup and although it sounds weird, try the pickled watermelon rind!

  • Shirley Plantation, United States

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      A little further down the road from Sherwood Forest is this beautiful plantation house and grounds located right on the James River. One of my favorite facts about Shirley is that it is still owned, operated, and lived in by direct descendants of the original owner, Edward Hill I.

  • Sherwood Forest Plantation Foundation, United States

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      Head west on route 5 out of Williamsburg and drive through the woods and along the beautiful James River. There are so many historic plantations to visit on this route. Sherwood Forest in particular is the home of President John Tyler. Take a tour and learn about the house and grounds, and if you're lucky you may meet the "Gray Lady" who has haunted the house for over 150 years!

  • Williamsburg, United States

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      Founded in 1699 with a historic area restored in the 1930's with the help of the Rockefeller's, Williamsburg is a beautiful place to slow down and step back in time. With actors and historians wandering around in authentic colonial garb, to cooks and shopkeepers offering historic recipes and gifts! Take some time to talk to that "oddly dressed" person standing in front of the courthouse and you may learn a thing or two!