Dog Friendly East Coast US

Danielle Call

More and more people have been traveling with pets lately, and the number of pet adoptions this year has skyrocketed! If you're anything like me you want to bring your furry family member everywhere with you! This is a list of some of the dog friendly places that @finn.call_adventuredog has accompanied me to. As a general rule, even if a place states they are pet friendly, it is always nice to double check with someone when you first go in.

Historic Jamestowne, Colonial Williamsburg's Merchants Square, PIER i CAFE, Riverside Park South, Prospect Hill Orchards - Cherry, Peach & Apple Pick-Your-Own, Bowman Orchards, North waterfront park, Zero Gravity Brewery, Puzzle Mountain Bakery, Step Falls Preserve, Screw Auger Falls, Grafton Notch State Park, Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park, Freeport, Abacus Gallery, Taka Mediterranean Bar and Grill, Mine Oyster, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, Camden Harbor Cruises, Camden Hills State Park, Cellardoor Winery

  • Historic Jamestowne, United States

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      Another cross over from my Virginia list, Historic Jamestown is another great pet friendly historic site. You can not bring your pup into the buildings on the site but they are welcome to explore the grounds and the archaeological dig site with you. Who knows what history they might sniff out!

  • Colonial Williamsburg's Merchants Square in Williamsburg, United States

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      You might also find this on my Virginia History Lover's list, but it is also a great place to bring your furry friend, and you won't be the only one who does! Duke of Gloucester Street is a vehicle free street that is about a mile lone from the Historic Wren Building of The College of William and Mary all the way down to the historic Capitol Building. Take a walk through history or pop a squat on the Governor's Palace Green and watch the horses and people go by.

  • PIER i CAFE in New York, United States

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      A great little outdoor cafe located in Riverside Park with seating on the river. This is another place to grab a bite and people and dog watch with your pup!

  • Riverside Park South in New York, United States

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      A small city park on the western side of Manhattan, this park is great for relaxing with your pup and watching the runners and cyclists go by. There is plenty of space for you to spread out and bring a picnic, or take a walk up to Pier I and grab a bite to eat.

  • Prospect Hill Orchards - Cherry, Peach & Apple Pick-Your-Own in New York, United States

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      Another one to add to the fall favorites list. Prospect hill is a great dog friendly orchard that is a little closer to home. Settled on top of a hill with beautiful views of the lower Hudson Valley. They have a cute tractor ride if you don't want to walk up the hill and they will allow your pup on it for the ride! The also offer delicious cider, coffee, donuts, and pies.

  • Bowman Orchards in New York, United States

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      Apple picking is one of my fall favorites and Bowman Orchards has been my go to for years! They have a huge orchard, a great bakery with the soft, fresh, warm cider donuts, a pumpkin patch, and a small farm. Finn had a lot of fun in the orchard and the pumpkin patch but was a little unsure of the goats and chickens!

  • North waterfront park in Burlington, United States

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      If you wanted to, you could spend your day walking the 7 mile trail with your pup along Lake Champlain from Oakledge Park all the way up through Burlington and into Colchester. We prefer to walk the Burlington to North Beach Park section which is only a mile or two and right along the water. There is a large dog park where you can let your dog run, or if they are anything like my dog Finn you can let them off leash on the beach and watch them zoom in and out of the waves on the lake! Just make sure your dog follows your recall as the park and beach can get very busy with people and other dogs!

  • Zero Gravity Brewery in Burlington, United States

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      Burlington, Vermont is one of my favorite places! I lived here for four years and it holds a special place in my heart! It also happens to be one of the most dog friendly cities around! Zero Gravity Brewery is one of many places in Burlington to get a local craft brew. Their covered and heated outoor seating make it an ideal place to bring your pup for an afternoon out, even in the winter!

  • Puzzle Mountain Bakery in Maine, United States

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      A small unassuming pie stand on the side of the road. If you're in the area you HAVE to stop at Puzzle Mountain Bakery. Their maple sandwich cookies are incredible! They also have pies, honey, and jams. Make sure you have cash! Like many farm stands in Maine this place follows the honor system for your purchase.

  • Step Falls Preserve in Maine, United States

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      This used to be quite a secret spot until it was featured in DownEast Magazine a few years back. Step Falls is similar to Screw Auger but there are more places to relax in the sun and swim in the many swimming holes you'll find here. There is also a great "water slide" at the top that looks small but will drop you into the perfect size pool for two. Get here EARLY to stake out your spot. Lately we have been going on weekdays to avoid the crowds.

  • Screw Auger Falls in Maine, United States

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      One of the many waterfalls in Grafton Notch, Screw Auger Falls has a great picnic area with tables spread out along the river and charcoal grills available for use. You can also pack a lunch and head out onto some of the rocks above the falls. If you're feeling really adventurous (like my husband) you can go all the way to the bottom of the falls and swim/climb your way back up IN the waterfall. Fair warning - the water is COLD so go on a hot day!

  • Grafton Notch State Park in Maine, United States

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      If you're up for an adventure, I highly recommend Grafton Notch State Park. Filled with trails, waterfalls, and swimming holes, you will find so much to explore here. The Appalachian Trail even goes through a portion of this park. But be prepared, as soon as you enter the park, all cell service disappears!

  • Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park in Maine, United States

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      For a little touch of nature after you've shopped at all of the LL Bean stores, head over to Wolfe's Neck State park to give your pup some time to smell the salty breeze! There are a number of short hiking trails through this park, or you can take the short route directly to the "beach" to run around.

  • Freeport in Maine, United States

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      The hometown of LL Bean is another popular spot for exploring with your pup. You can bring your furry friend into almost every store here except for the flagship LL Bean due to the two cafe's that are located inside. But don't let that get you down, there are three other LL Bean stores to explore plus many more!

  • Abacus Gallery in Maine, United States

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      Abacus Gallery is one of the many eclectic shops you can find in Boothbay. They have artwork from local artists, beautiful hand made jewelry, wall art, sculptures , up-cycled items, and anything else you can think of. I was very happy that they allowed us to bring Finn inside with us, because it is one of my favorite places to shop in Boothbay Harbor!

  • Taka Mediterranean Bar and Grill in Maine, United States

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      Sharing a building with Mine Oyster, Taka is a more geared to slightly upscale Mediterranean plates. Grab a seat on the deck with your pup and watch the lobster boats come in for the evening! Taka also often features local musicians and creates a great ambiance for an evening out. We often bring a travel bowl and water for Finn when we are eating out but Taka was ready with a dog bowl full of fresh water at our table!

  • Mine Oyster in Maine, United States

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      For a relaxed meal with a view of the harbor, Mine Oyster is a great choice. Their deck is on the smaller side but it is cozy and they'll treat your pet just like another patron! The oysters and seafood here are amazingly fresh and delicious, but thats to be expected when you're right on the water!

  • Boothbay Harbor in Maine, United States

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      Another walkable coastal Maine town, Boothbay Harbor is filled with shops and restaurants where your furry friend is welcome! If you're an early riser, you may even be able to catch low tide by the footbridge where you and your pup can explore the ocean floor, if you don't mind getting a little sandy!

  • Camden in Maine, United States

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      Camden is an adorable coastal town to visit and wander around in. All of the shops were dog friendly and everyone working was happy to have a four legged customer! Finn was given a treat in almost every store we went into! And because Camden is on the water, almost all of the restaurants have outdoor seating and allow dogs on their patios and decks. Again it's always safe to double check but we had no problems!

  • Camden Harbor Cruises in Maine, United States

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      When you visit Maine, you absolutely need to take a harbor cruise. You can climb on the rocks and dip your feet in the cold ocean, but there is something special about seeing the craggily coast from the water. Most boat cruises do not let dogs on board, but Camden Harbor Cruises does, making it very high on my list of things to do with our pup. I recommend making a reservation because their slots book up quickly, even in the shoulder seasons.

  • Camden Hills State Park in Maine, United States

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      Like most outdoor spaces this is a great place to bring your pup for a short hike in Camden, Maine. It is only about a mile and a half up but it can get a little steep. You'll be rewarded with a beautiful view of the harbor and can even explore the old Mt. Battie Tower historic landmark!

  • Cellardoor Winery in Maine, United States

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      Located just inland of the rocky Maine coast, this winery is a beautiful spot to visit with your pup. You can make a reservation for a tasting to sit outside in their dog friendly area, or you can show up on a whim, (like we did), purchase a bottle of wine and a pre-made charcuterie plate and head down into the vineyard where there are Adirondack chairs and picnic tables set up for you.