Brunch in Boston

Danielle Call

Brunch is a big weekend activity in most cities and Boston is no exception! From Harvard Square to Back Bay, here are some of my favorite brunch/breakfast places in Boston.

Temple Bar American Bistro, Cafe Luna, The Friendly Toast Restaurant, Russell House Tavern, PARK Restaurant & Bar, Zinneken's Belgian waffles, Deluxe Town Diner

  • Temple Bar American Bistro, United States

    Image of Temple Bar American Bistro on Seeker
    • mustangdmv

      Temple Bar is a cozy spot with brick walls and warm lighting; great for any brunch or evening out! My go to is always the eggs benny, but definitely add on the ricotta donuts!

  • Cafe Luna, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      Cafe Luna is a great small breakfast brunch place close to MIT. Their pancakes are great and they have outdoor seating when the weather is nice! Since it is on the smaller side, you will most likely have to wait for a table, but its worth it.

  • The Friendly Toast Restaurant in Boston, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      The Friendly Toast is a small New England chain (there are a couple other locations in New Hampshire in Vermont) and I highly recommend a visit! The decor is super eclectic and fun, and the food is delicious. If you like a little spice to your breakfast get the cayenne cheddar toast, its so good! And if you like it you can buy a loaf to take home!

  • Russell House Tavern, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      Russel House Tavern is another that is great for brunch (or dinner) in Harvard Square. They have a pretty good size space for being right in Harvard Square and some outdoor seating. Their drinks are great and their breakfast pizza was delicious!

  • PARK Restaurant & Bar, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      PARK is a great cozy wooden decorated with leather chairs type of place for either brunch or dinner! Their food is delicious and their drinks are incredible!

  • Zinneken's Belgian waffles, United States

    Image of Zinneken's Belgian waffles on Seeker
    • mustangdmv

      Zinneken's is a small waffle shop just off of Harvard Square. It can get pretty busy on weekends and since there is only seating for about 10 people you'll either have to wait or take your waffle to go and eat around the square. Personally I prefer the Liege waffle which is a little softer than your normal Belgian waffle.

  • Deluxe Town Diner, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      This diner is your typical late 50's chrome counter seating diner. It is always busy on the weekends so you should definitely be prepared to wait, but the food is delicious!