Best Places to Eat in Williamsburg, VA

Danielle Call

These are some of my favorite places to eat, grab a cup of coffee, or get a drink after dinner in Williamsburg. From Merchant Square to New Town, there are a lot of great restaurant options here.

Amber Ox Public House, Oceans & Ale, Jamestown Pie Company, Five Forks Cafe, Honey Butter's Kitchen - Monticello Ave, Paul's Deli & Neighborhood Restaurant, Opus 9 Steakhouse, Baker's Crust Williamsburg, Food For Thought Restaurant, Movie Tavern Williamsburg, Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaurant · Williamsburg, Manhattan Bagel, Green Leafe Cafe, Paul's Deli Restaurant, Aromas Coffeehouse Bakeshop & Cafe, The Cheese Shop, Blue Talon Bistro, King's Arms Tavern

  • Amber Ox Public House in Williamsburg, United States

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      This relatively new Williamsburg tavern has such a cool vibe, and great food! All of their menu items look amazing (as I sat at the bar drooling watching them all come directly from the kitchen) and taste great. They have your normal tavern staples like burgers and fries, but also items you don't normally see on a menu like venison - which was so tender and delicious. They also have themes Sunday-Thursday with different food and drink specials each day.

  • Oceans & Ale in Williamsburg, United States

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      Ocean's and Ale is (if you could guess from the name) a great option for seafood! It's located right by the Premium Outlets so if you need a break from shopping for lunch or dinner Ocean's and Ale is delicious!

  • Jamestown Pie Company in Williamsburg, United States

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      Jamestown Pie is exactly what you'd expect...and more! They have delicious specialty pizzas that you won't see offered anywhere else in town, and PIE! They always have an assortment of dessert pies (or breakfast pies - don't let me stop you) to go along with their pizzas.

  • Five Forks Cafe in Williamsburg, United States

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      Five Forks is another great breakfast joint. Similar to Honey Butter's, it's been around for a long time. It's a little more off the beaten path so you definitely won't find many tourists here. But get here early or be prepared to wait on the weekends. It is ALWAYS busy.

  • Honey Butter's Kitchen - Monticello Ave in Williamsburg, United States

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      Honey Butter's Kitchen is one of my favorite places to go for breakfast! It's located on the end of the strip mall by the Publix so you shouldn't miss it. Honey Butter's offers delicious home cooked diner breakfasts. Their garlic home fries are amazing (I still can't figure out how to get mine as garlicky and crisp) and don't forget to put the honey butter on everything, its amazing.

  • Paul's Deli & Neighborhood Restaurant in Williamsburg, United States

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      I'm adding Pauls Deli again because this "New Paul's" location is a lot different than the one on Scotland Ave. You'll definitely find less students here and more locals. They have a beautiful outdoor patio and heaters for winter. This location even has wine and champagne on tap!

  • Opus 9 Steakhouse in Williamsburg, United States

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      If you're looking for a good juicy steak, then Opus 9 is where you should go. It's your typical upscale steakhouse that also offers really good wines.

  • Baker's Crust Williamsburg in Williamsburg, United States

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      The Bakers Crust is a good option if you can't agree on what to get for dinner. They offer good American comfort foods like burgers and pizza, but also pasta, sandwiches and steaks. Make sure you save room for dessert because their after dinner coffees and pastries are delicious!

  • Food For Thought Restaurant in Williamsburg, United States

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      Food For Thought is a great place for dinner, although to be honest, I much prefer coming here for brunch. When you first sit down you are given a sample of their beignets, which will definitely result in you ordering a full portion. There are also fun game cards and conversation starters on every table to get you thinking. It is called "Food For Thought" for a reason.

  • Movie Tavern Williamsburg in Williamsburg, United States

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      Movie Tavern isn't quite a restaurant but it is a movie theater where you can get a pretty good meal and a drink. Things have definitely changed from the days of only getting buttered popcorn and milk duds for your movie snacks. I like to get the buffalo chicken wrap when I'm here, and have my tankard filled with whatever is new on tap.

  • Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaurant · Williamsburg in Williamsburg, United States

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      Plaza Azteca is a Mexican restaurant off Richmond Road. I highly recommend getting the table side guac, and if you're having a night out a marg-a-rona!

  • Manhattan Bagel in Williamsburg, United States

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      Manhattan Bagel is a great little bagel shop located right on Richmond Road. It's easy to get to and is a good option for a quick breakfast if you're looking for something besides Starbucks or Dunkin.

  • Green Leafe Cafe in Williamsburg, United States

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      The Green Leafe Cafe, located right next door to Paul's is a similar type of place. In fact, Paul's, The Green Leafe, and the College Delly across the street are all owned by the same people. The Green Leafe has been updated with a beautiful new wooden bar, and is a little more upscale with a wider selection of craft beers and spirits.

  • Paul's Deli Restaurant in Williamsburg, United States

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      Paul's Deli is definitely a spot for students, but if you come here around dinner time you shouldn't find too many rambunctious college kids. Paul's is a Williamsburg institution with good food, good beer, and friendly bartenders! Their sandwiches are huge so I definitely suggest sharing with someone or saving half for later. The Club Special is my personal favorite.

  • Aromas Coffeehouse Bakeshop & Cafe in Williamsburg, United States

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      For a mid afternoon snack or pick-me-up I love Aroma's! Their coffee menu is quite extensive and it is all delicious! I'm a big fan of the Honey Do Latte, and the sign on the wall that says "Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy". You've been warned!

  • The Cheese Shop in Williamsburg, United States

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      I don't ever come to Williamsburg without going to The Cheese Shop! The sandwiches are fresh and delicious (always get house dressing on it or on the side...or both) and be sure to share a cheese plate with your partner/friend! If you don't know what kind of cheese you want to try the people behind the counter are extremely helpful. The honey goat cheese is one of my favorites. There is also a great wine shop downstairs that will open a bottle for you so you can enjoy a glass with your sandwich and cheese.

  • Blue Talon Bistro in Williamsburg, United States

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      Located just off historic Duke of Gloucester Street, the Blue Talon is a great French style restaurant. While they have great lunch and dinner options, I much prefer eating here for brunch!

  • King's Arms Tavern in Williamsburg, United States

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      For an authentic 18th century meal complete with 18th century musicians, you have to dine at the King's Arms. While today you can get a good meal and some entertainment, in the 1770's visitors would have also stayed in the rooms upstairs in the tavern. I highly recommend the peanut soup and although it sounds weird, try the pickled watermelon rind!