Best Bars and Restaurants in Hell's Kitchen

Danielle Call

Hell's Kitchen is no longer the seedy, gritty place that it used to be. Now when you walk down the street you'll find amazing coffee shops, bakeries, bars, and restaurants everywhere! Being close to all of these great food options was one of my favorite things about living in Hell's Kitchen! I hope you get to try some of these places on your next visit!

The Brazen Tavern, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, Bareburger, At Nine Restaurant & Bar, B Side Pizza & Wine Bar, Bocca di Bacco, Taboon, Haru Sushi, Alfie's Kitchen & Craft Beer Bar, Tacuba

  • The Brazen Tavern in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      The Brazen Tavern is a great place to grab food and a drink after work! They have a lot of different options if you're vegetarian or gluten free as well, and their salad's are big! I ordered a salad as a dinner one time and added some meat to it, let me tell you I did not need to add anything extra to that salad!

  • Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      If you're unable to make it down to Koreatown but you still want some good Asian BBQ, you should definitely come to Gyu-Kaku. The food is delicious and its an even more interactive cooking experience than Hibachi, but I definitely recommend having a group of at least 4 people.

  • Bareburger in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      This one might be a little controversial as it is a chain (but a NYC specific one). I enjoy Bareburger for the ability to customize literally any part of my burger. They have vegetarian and gluten free options as well, and if you're trying to catch a show, this is an easy pre-show option.

  • At Nine Restaurant & Bar in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      At Nine is a great Thai restaurant and bar in Hell's Kitchen. Their window display certainly draws you in, and you won't regret it when you sit down for a drink and a bite to eat.

  • B Side Pizza & Wine Bar in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      B Side is on 51st Street is a pretty small location. They mainly focus on wood fired pizza (which is amazing) and wine. You can't go wrong with that combination!

  • Bocca di Bacco in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      There are actually two Bocca di Bacco restaurants in HK, this one and another down by 45th Street. I recommend heading to this one as it is a little further from the Theatre District so you will avoid the tourists and Broadway crowd rushing through their dinners. Their food is delicious so you can't go wrong if you end up here.

  • Taboon in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      Taboon is a delicious Mediterranean restaurant on 10th Ave. It is a little pricier but the food and drinks are well worth it. I definitely recommend making a reservation as it always seemed to be busy after work and it is a smaller space.

  • Haru Sushi in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      Haru Sushi was pretty much our sushi go to in Hell's Kitchen. You can grab a table or sit at the sushi bar and watch them put together all the rolls. It really is an art form! The portions are pretty good sized so we would always share a roll and an entree and that was enough for two. Their drink menu is also really good.

  • Alfie's Kitchen & Craft Beer Bar in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      Alfie's is a great restaurant and bar on the corner of 53rd. I like grabbing a seat at the window or one of the outside tables so I can people watch. They have a great beer selection and they have a great menu. I suggest sharing the fried cheese curds as an appetizer!

  • Tacuba in New York, United States

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    • mustangdmv

      Tacuba was one of our go to places for great Mexican food in HK! The prices are a little higher than your average taco joint, but the food is definitely upscale Mexican. It is also always busy so I definitely recommend making a reservation!