9 Boston Bars to Drink Like a Local

Danielle Call

A trip to Boston is steeped in American History. You can walk the streets that Paul Revere walked, see where tea was thrown in the harbor (and see some of the actual tea - conservation is cool) and eat and drink in some of the historic institutions. But Boston has its own special tavern and bar history and these are some of the best bars to visit if you really want to drink like a local!

The Barking Crab, The Bell In Hand Tavern, Union Oyster House, Harpoon Brewery, Cask 'n Flagon, Parker's Bar, The Green Dragon Tavern, Smith & Wollensky, The Warren Tavern

  • The Barking Crab in Boston, United States

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      The Barking Crab is a popular spot for locals on a spring or summer evening. Located right one the water in Boston Harbor, grab a beer in the open air tent and relax after a long day on the Freedom Trail. If you're visiting in the winter, they have recently expanded into the Neptune Lobster and Seafood Market for a cozy evening by the wood stove.

  • The Bell In Hand Tavern in Boston, United States

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      This block near Quincy Market holds a lot of historic significance for Boston. The original owner of the Bell In Hand was also Boston's town crier! Which means, if you wanted to get your news of the day in the 18th century, you went to the Bell In Hand.

  • Union Oyster House in Boston, United States

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      The Union Oyster House is a historic Boston bar and restaurant. Located a few blocks from Quincy Market, the Oyster House is a great place to grab a beer and a half dozen fresh oysters! Fun fact - it is also a part of the Freedom Trail, so before you run all over town be sure to fill up for the journey!

  • Harpoon Brewery in Boston, United States

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      The Harpoon Brewery is hugely popular with the Boston crowd! I prefer to visit them in the spring and summer when they've got tents set up outside. They also hold Harpoonfest every year which is a lot of fun to attend and a great way to try all of their different beers.

  • Cask 'n Flagon in Boston, United States

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      One of the many bars to visit by the iconic Fenway Park, Cask & Flagon can get super crowded on game day (no surprise there)! For a more chill visit try to go when the Red Sox are out of town. You'll have a great view of the stadium and way more space to yourself. And I definitely recommend the lobster mac n' cheese!

  • Parker's Bar in Boston, United States

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      This Boston bar is located in the Omni Parker House Hotel, but don't let that fool you. This bar/hotel is where the famous Boston Creme Pie was first made! The drinks are good too and the bar is quite cozy with large leather booths, and chairs by a fireplace.

  • The Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, United States

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      The Green Dragon is located by Haymarket Square just a few blocks from Quincy Market. It is a Boston Historic Irish Pub where you can grab a pint and enjoy some live music on most nights. It is said to be another favorite of Paul Revere.

  • Smith & Wollensky in Boston, United States

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      A slightly more upscale bar and restaurant, Smith & Wollensky is certainly a Boston institution. Grab a drink here and enjoy looking out on the harbor and the Boston Tea Party Museum!

  • The Warren Tavern in Boston, United States

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      The Warren Tavern is a great place to stop for a pint in Charlestown after the Freedom Trail has led you across the river to Bunker Hill! It is said that both George Washington and Paul Revere often visited the Warren Tavern.