Where to Spend Winter in a Christmas Card

Madeleine Ray

All around the world are picturesque winter escapes for a magical Christmas. I have always dreamed of waking up in a real-life snow globe on Christmas morning, and in case you have also, here is my bucket list of places to spend the season as though you are living in a Christmas card. #seekerchallenge

Montreal, Grassington, Bruges, Sapporo, Saint Petersburg, New York

  • Montreal in Montreal, Canada

    Image of Montreal on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      Montreal has beautiful cobblestone streets, Christmas markets, and illuminations around the entire city to celebrate the season. The intersection of French culture with Anglo Canadian culture makes Montreal a truly unique experience. I imagine hiking up Mt. Royal in the winter and seeing the snowscape of the city makes for a charming and active activity for Christmas day.

  • Grassington, England

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    • madeleineray

      Spending Christmastime visiting little villages in the countryside of England has always been a dream of mine. England knows how to celebrate the wintertime, with minced pies and mulled wine available in most locations. Grassington is a perfect example of a beautiful village in Upper Wharfdale that provides stunning scenery as well as friendly pubs to get the full British Christmas experience.

  • Bruges in Bruges, Belgium

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    • madeleineray

      A beautiful and culturally rich town in Belgium, and also famous cinematically for the classic comedy *In Bruges*. Visit Bruges for a truly cozy Christmas, with Christmas markets equipped with Belgian waffles and mulled wine and the best hot chocolate in the world. Bruges has comfort food, Christmas spirit, and scenic displays all covered on your wintertime checklist.

  • Sapporo, Japan

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    • madeleineray

      In the North of Japan, Sapporo gets its fair share of snow. Hokkaido is a special place in that it has some of the best culinary experiences in all of Japan. Nothing is cozier than being underneath the kotatsu table or enjoying traditional Japanese hot pot. As someone who had the chance to live in Tokyo for five years, I always felt so blessed in the rare instances of snow in the winter time. To be able to have consistent snow throughout the season is a dream for someone who is filled with joy every morning I wake up to see the glistening and magical weather.

  • Saint Petersburg

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    • madeleineray

      Ever since I viewed a picture of Saint Petersburg adorned in a coating of fresh snow online, I had mentally placed the beautiful city at the top of my travel bucket list. This glistening city, rich with magnificent architecture and culture, is the ideal place to experience a magical wintertime. I also would just love to spend a few days lost in the State Hermitage Museum.

  • New York, United States

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    • madeleineray

      Growing up on movies like Home Alone, Miracle on 34th street, and Elf has shaped New York to be what I imagine one of the most magical Christmas experiences in the world. Along with decorated department stores and snowy weather fit for the season, little cafes to explore and try hot chocolate and Christmas cannolis, as well as beautiful illuminations and Christmas trees on every block; one day I hope to live my childhood dream of being Eloise and spending a truly classic American Christmas in the big apple.