Tokyo Golden Week Destinations

Madeleine Ray

Golden Week is here! Japan's longest national holiday located at the edge of summer and spring- aka the perfect time to head out to Tokyo and explore. I know you already know the usual culprits to enjoy in Tokyo, so for this list, we are going a bit off the beaten path into some more creative day trip ideas for how to enjoy your Golden Week. Whether it's exploring an immersive art gallery in the heart of Shinjuku or snuggling close to a micro pig in Takeshita Dori- these incredible destinations are sure to fill up your Golden Week with plenty of fun.

Ueno-Koen, Snoopy Museum Tokyo, Mount Takao, mipig cafe harajuku, 原宿乃豆柴カフェ, Tokyo Skytree, Yayoi Kusama Museum

  • Ueno-Koen in Tokyo, Japan

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      There is no shortage of activities to enjoy in Ueno Park, massive internationally famed galleries, gorgeous nature, ancient architecture, and picturesque views. Just off of Ameyokocho, a bustling route full of tasty street vendors and souvenir shops, Ueno Park is also home to the famous panda- basically the mascot of the entire neighborhood. Visit the panda at the famous Ueno Park Zoo, it might be a little wait- but this is an essential Tokyo experience.

  • Snoopy Museum Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      Just 30 minutes from central Tokyo, this famous museum is located amongst an elegant mall full of cute boutiques, vintage stores, and trendy cafes. The Snoopy Museum brings the vintage style of Peanuts to the public, with an extensive collection of illustrations, sculptures, videos, and more. Make a day trip of tasty breakfast, snoopy memorabilia, and a stroll in the less-crowded "giri giri" Tokyo.

  • Mount Takao in Tokyo, Japan

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      Okay so not *technically* Tokyo but close enough! (I had to add something for the outdoorsy seekers out there). Mt. Takao is an excellent day trip to getaway from the bustling city during Golden Week, a pleasant hike that is rewarding with local bars and restaurants waiting at the top full of inaka flair.

  • mipig cafe harajuku in Tokyo, Japan

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      They are just too cute! This teacup pig cafe invites travelers to snuggle up with some human-loving mini pigs. Some animal cafes in Tokyo should be avoided as they do not take care of the animals, but at this cutesy Harajuku cafe the teacup pigs grow up with pure love.

  • 原宿乃豆柴カフェ in Tokyo, Japan

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      Basically heaven on earth in the eclectic neighborhood of Harajuku, visitors can spend a cozy afternoon snuggling with Shiba Inu puppies. The puppies are well cared for and full of love for all people- a definite spot for any dog lovers needing some serotonin.

  • Tokyo Skytree in Tokyo, Japan

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      See Tokyo from an entirely new perspective- at one of the highest points in the city. Sky Tree is not for those afraid of heights, but if you can make it to the top the view itself is rewarding. Other than the pure beauty of heading to the top of Sky Tree, the indoor mall full to the brim with tasty eateries, souvenir shops, and popular Japanese boutiques.

  • Yayoi Kusama Museum in Tokyo, Japan

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      Get your tickets ahead of time and enjoy the immersive and colorful world of Yayoi Kusama- one of Japan's most internationally renowned mixed media artists. With sold-out shows exhibiting across all continents, Kusama opened her own gallery in the bustling neighborhood of Shinjuku.