Prettiest View Points in San Francisco

Madeleine Ray

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination for so many reasons, and the spectacular skyline is just one of them. If you visit the city make sure you take some time to really take in the view of this vibrant city, and in case you don't know where to start on your search for the best place to see it; I've got you covered. Here is a list of some of the best viewpoints for the city of San Francisco.

Mission Dolores Park, 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, Twin Peaks, Corona Heights Park

  • Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco, United States

    Image of Mission Dolores Park on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      Mission Dolores Park a beautiful park that is a favorite spot for San Franciscans on the weekend, showing the colorful personality of the city. While this view is not as elevated, there is still a clear skyline of downtown SF visible from your comfortable spot in the grass with your friends.

  • 16th Avenue Tiled Steps in San Francisco, United States

    Image of 16th Avenue Tiled Steps on Seeker
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      These mosaic steps are a beautiful place to watch the sunset over the city, just up a sparkling depiction of a flowing sea of stars. While you can see San Francisco from the top of the steps, the view below the steps is equally beautiful and a must-see feature of the city for the intricate and whimsical tile design on the steps alone.

  • Twin Peaks in San Francisco, United States

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      Twin Peaks provides the iconic viewpoint of downtown San Francisco, this viewpoint is within a residential community located in the center of the city. Beneath the iconic Sutro Tower, an essential piece of the skyline, at Twin Peaks, you can view the extensive city view from alternate directions.

  • Corona Heights Park in San Francisco, United States

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      Corona Heights Park is in the famous Castro district of San Francisco. The park is elevated and along a pathway featuring various plant communities, and perfect for a hiking adventure along with the incredible metropolitan skyline.