Places Where They Filmed Portlandia In Portland

Madeleine Ray

The feminist bookshop with two quirky owners? The Mayor's headquarters where so many shenanigans took place? If you are as big a fan of Portlandia as I am, I promise this list will give you some major nostalgia. Portlandia managed to capture the artsy, off-beat creativity that makes up this unique city, and if you head to any of these iconic spots, I guarantee you will feel like you just stepped into a skit (in the best way possible.)

In Other Words Feminist Community Center, Burnside Skatepark, Oblique Coffee Roasters, Portland City Hall, Yoga Pearl

  • In Other Words Feminist Community Center in Portland, United States

    Image of In Other Words Feminist Community Center on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      The famed feminist bookstore where some of the craziest (and funniest) skits happened- In Other Words is one of the most recognizable Portlandia spots in the city. Full of fascinating literature, the importance of community emphasized, and a cozy atmosphere, In Other Words, is sure to add some excellent new reads to your list.

  • Burnside Skatepark in Portland, United States

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      The Burnside Skatepark is a DIY skatepark that encompasses some of the most iconic imagery from Portlandia. Burnside is important to the city, as a place of community and fun, and while there are obstacles- Portlanders come together to fight for this slice of culture.

  • Oblique Coffee Roasters in Portland, United States

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      Oblique Coffee Roasters was a backdrop for plenty of iconic skits and a perfect representation of the caffeine culture of the city. An old-style atmosphere with some trendy quirks, caffeine flows through the veins of Portland, and for a great cup, I highly recommend this location.

  • Portland City Hall in Maine, United States

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      One of the most charming parts of Portlandia is the beloved mayor character- and all of his shenanigans tend to revolve around the iconic Portland City Hall. With the famed Portlandia statue located just in front of this historic building, the city hall is a must-see tourist spot.

  • Yoga Pearl in Portland, United States

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      Yoga Pearl is a trendy studio located in one of Portland's coolest neighborhoods- the Pearl District. Wellness culture is huge in Portland, and Yoga Pearl is easily one of the best studios for dipping your toe in the exercise scene of the city. With both high-level and beginner classes available, clear your head at this adorable spot.