My Favorite Neighborhoods In Tokyo

Madeleine Ray

These neighborhoods are easily some of the most magical spots I explored during my time living in Tokyo. From the effervescent streets of Shimokitazawa to the bustling scramble of Shibuya, these destinations host some of the city's most exciting and beautiful spots to see. With endless thrift shops, boutiques, landmarks, eateries, and more, be sure to include these neighborhoods on your Tokyo itinerary.

Ginza, Shibuya City, Shimokitazawa, Harajuku, Azabujuban, Futakotamagawa

  • Ginza in Tokyo, Japan

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      This high-end neighborhood is near Tokyo's most exciting sites and restaurants. Tour the old Tsukiji market for fresh sushi, shop til you drop at the Mitsukoshi department store, and visit the old European-influenced Tokyo station. Ginza is a sparkling neighborhood that is truly exciting to explore year-round, with stunning views and famed shopping options.

  • Shibuya City in Tokyo, Japan

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      Shibuya is an effervescent mix of non-stop dance clubs, local cafes adorned in vintage decorations, a scramble of people, and hip fashion boutiques. There is so much to love about Shibuya, with so many walks of life converging by the Hachiko statue, this neighborhood is a city of its own. Spend the day touring famed museums such as the Bunkamura, and the nights discovering underground bars and munching on spicy ramen.

  • Shimokitazawa in Tokyo, Japan

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      If you take one look at my profile, it's clear Shimokita is one of my favorite places to wander and uncover hidden gems. Shimokitazawa is a famous neighborhood, known for its eclectic abundance of thrift shops, trendy cafe scene, and picturesque roads. A perfect spot for any artsy traveler or fashionista looking to be inspired.

  • Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan

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      As someone obsessed with fashion, it's no surprise that Harajuku is one of my favorite places to visit in Tokyo. Endless cobblestone pathways, avenues, and alleyways filled with local boutiques, specialty shops, and subculture fashion trends. Harajuku is an excellent spot for people-watching- the neon-colored streets are famed for hosting the most fashionable people in Japan. Laforet and Takeshita street are musts for any travelers visiting this eclectic neighborhood.

  • Azabujuban in Tokyo, Japan

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      This ritzy neighborhood isn't just glitz and glam- there are endless pathways made up of local vendors, thrift stores, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants to uncover. Located in one of the most international neighborhoods and also said to be where the famed Sailor Moon anime takes place- Azabu Juban is always an excellent choice for a relaxed afternoon.

  • Futakotamagawa in Tokyo, Japan

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      Just a ten-minute train ride from the city center, Nikotama is a bustling "suburb" that feels like a little slice of paradise. Think fun cafes and international restaurants, top-of-the-line shopping, and a gorgeous park surrounding a river that is the site for many festivals throughout the year. With gorgeous architecture, beautiful scenery, and plenty to do and see- Nikotama is an unsuspecting destination that you should consider adding to your Tokyo itinerary.