Most Instagrammable Sweet Shops in Seoul

Madeleine Ray

Whether you are looking for decadent cakes or soft-serve ice cream with quirky flavors- Seoul city has you covered. Part of the experience of enjoying tasty treats is the food design which provides our precious memories with equally precious images to hold close to our heart or share on social media. Seoul is one of my favorite places to visit in the world, and every time I go, I make sure to try a new sweet shop and take *a lot* of pictures. Here are some of the most aesthetic and of course, tasty sweet shops in the city.

Cafe Onion Anguk, Cafe Bora, Kiss The Tiramisu, Passion5, Paris Baguette Myeongdong Headstore, Stylenanda 3CE PINKPOOLCAFE

  • Cafe Onion Anguk in Seoul, South Korea

    Image of Cafe Onion Anguk on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      Cafe Onion Anguk is a tranquil Hanok themed cafe in central Seoul. Hanok refers to traditional Korean houses, and this cafe is the place to go for authentic Korean visuals. Along with the beautiful architecture of the shop, there is also delicious coffee and pastries. Cafe Onion Anguk is famous for its Castella cake that is topped with powdered sugar to look like the tip of a snowy mountain.

  • Cafe Bora in Seoul, South Korea

    Image of Cafe Bora on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      Cafe Bora is well known for its sweet potato ice cream. Sweet potato is an extremely popular flavor used in Korea, and for good reason! This is a smaller shop in the city but provides a unique menu centered on sweets. You can also try some of the tastiest Bing Su in Seoul at Cafe Bora. Bing Su is Korean shaved ice which is covered in delicious sweet toppings and essential for summertime in Seoul.

  • Kiss The Tiramisu in Seoul, South Korea

    Image of Kiss The Tiramisu on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      Decadent tiramisu ice cream made with mascarpone cheese is the specialty of Kiss the Tiramisu. This elegant and world-famous shop is a true paradise for any sweet lover. Careful crafting goes into the formation of every desert, and the shop itself is a luxurious experience.

  • Passion5 in Seoul, South Korea

    Image of Passion5 on Seeker
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      Ready to satisfy whatever your sweet tooth is craving, Passion5 has an array of pastries, sweet drinks, and gelato to choose from. The shop is decorated elegantly, with a huge black chandelier hanging at the entryway. Enjoy the view of cakes and pastries that are not just beautiful but also insanely delicious. This shop is a little pricier, but the taste and experience are unmatched.

  • Paris Baguette Myeongdong Headstore in Seoul, South Korea

    Image of Paris Baguette Myeongdong Headstore on Seeker
    • madeleineray

      This popular bakery chain, with locations around the US, is originally from Seoul! Come here for a large selection of baked goods and adorable cakes at an affordable price. Along with cute seasonal pastries, there is also a selection of savory food and amazing coffee. Paris Baguette can act as your stop for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea. Since it has many locations around Seoul, check to see if there is one conveniently located near where you're staying!

  • Stylenanda 3CE PINKPOOLCAFE in Seoul, South Korea

    Image of Stylenanda 3CE PINKPOOLCAFE on Seeker
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      Easily the trendiest cafe in Seoul, Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe sits on top of the Stylenanda Pink Hotel; a multi-level building that has floors dedicated to fashion, makeup, and skincare. The building was made with taking pictures in mind- with several photoshoot sets, elaborate decoration, and beautiful food design. Enjoy a variety of pastries, coffee, and tea drinks. Make sure to try their famous pink cotton candy ice cream.