Cute Date Ideas In Tokyo

Madeleine Ray

Tokyo is famous for being an exciting destination full of activity, and there are an overwhelming amount of places, restaurants, and things to do and see- so I have narrowed it down a little for you. Any of these gorgeous spots throughout the city are guaranteed success if you are with the right person. From nostalgic amusement parks to quaint parks adjacent to some of the most eccentric neighborhoods- these spots are perfect for an afternoon, evening, or all-day getaway with your date.

Yokohama Chinatown, Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi, Shinjuku Golden Gai, Tokyo DisneySea, Inokashira Park, Tokyo Skytree, teamLab Borderless

  • Yokohama Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan

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      Yokohama Chinatown is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city, made up of gorgeous architecture, delicious eateries, and plenty to see. Adjacent to one of Tokyo's best art museums, and full of mystique from corner fortune tellers to historical pathways- Yokohama Chinatown is sure to make up an afternoon of fun and authentic dim sum.

  • Cat Cafe Temari no Ouchi in Tokyo, Japan

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      The ultimate Kawaii destination in Tokyo, Temari No Ouchi is one of the most aesthetic and fun cat cafes to visit in the city. Home to many fluffy friends, full of curiosity and cuteness, and possessing an ambient environment, this adorable cafe is tucked away in the eclectic Kichijoji neighborhood.

  • Shinjuku Golden Gai, Japan

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      Looking for a night out on the town? Golden Gai is one of the most bustling neighborhoods in Shinjuku- and that's saying something. Made up of hundreds of eclectic tiny bars, in an array of quirky themes, Golden Gai is the perfect destination for nightlife lovers looking to get a taste of the effervescent scene in the city.

  • Tokyo DisneySea in Chiba, Japan

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      Only in Tokyo, the Disney Sea is a more adventurous take on Disneyland, but fun for all ages. Explore this aquatic and shipwreck-themed amusement park, full of fun flavored popcorn, sparkling drinks, and exciting rides. With some truly unique Disney experiences unlike anywhere else in the world, Disneysea is sure to engage your ultimate nostalgia and fun.

  • Inokashira Park, Japan

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      Inokashira Park is a mystical place that is one of the most famed date spots in the city. A sprawling park nearby the quaint Kichijoji neighborhood, Inokashira park encompasses a gorgeous lake to paddle along, stunning nature, and even the iconic Ghibli Museum in case you or your date likes classic Japanese animation.

  • Tokyo Skytree, Japan

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      With one of the most breathtaking views of the city and an icon of Tokyo itself, the Skytree is an attraction you don’t want to miss. Plenty of quirky cafes, boutique shopping, and fun activities make up this massive entertainment tower. Head up to the top at sunset for a fantastic look at Tokyo beneath the balmy rose-tinted sunlight.

  • teamLab Borderless, Japan

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      Enter an entirely new reality of virtual art, complete with an immersive visual experience that transports visitors to an alternate reality. Seemingly endless lights, mirrors, colors, and projections make up this creative space that has quickly risen to one of the most in-demand art exhibits of Tokyo. Located near the seaside neighborhood of Odaiba, a day excursion to TeamLabs is an excellent way to woo a potential suitor.