Cool Down The Summer Heat: Chillingly Haunted Tokyo Destinations

Madeleine Ray

Nothing says Tokyo Summer like a good ghost story- the hot and humid days are believed to be best combated with chilling tales and haunted houses. In case you are looking for something to make your bones go icy and shiver, these spooky destinations across Tokyo city are sure to do the trick. Visit cursed graves, explore haunted castle ruins, and witness the birthplace of one of Japan’s most famous ghost stories of all time.

Taira no Masakado's Grave, Toyama Park, Hachioji Castle Ruins, Prudential Tower, Oiwa Shrine, Sunshine 60 Street

  • Taira no Masakado's Grave in Tokyo, Japan

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      Causing an endless cycle of mini disasters that resulted in one of the biggest banks of Japan to “bribe” the afterlife through opening a bank account under Masakudo’s name- this spot is evidently cursed. From ancient times, Masakudo wreaked havoc on Japan by inspiring the end of the government of Kyoto, and in modern times causing suspicious deaths and bankruptcy of major Japanese companies in the vicinity.

  • Toyama Park in Tokyo, Japan

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      Toyama Park is said to be the site where scientists analyzed the bodies of war prisoners who had been experimented on in Manchuria during World War II. This deeply grim history is now replaced by sprawling grassy hills, paved trails, and picturesque cherry blossom trees- but many say there is more than meets the eye. Tales of disembodied voices and glowing fireballs lurking in the park's premises have attracted ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts from around the globe.

  • Hachioji Castle Ruins in Tokyo, Japan

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      Hachioji Castle has a lengthy history that resulted in a bloody battle that was said to be heard in the distance long after its end. What is now just castle ruins that decorate the picturesque surrounding mountain landscape has lived on in the hearts of all who have visited the battle site. Many who live near and around the mountain have reported ghost sightings up to recent years, and it is tradition for people in the neighboring villages to honor the anniversary of the castle’s fall every year on June 23rd.

  • Prudential Tower in Tokyo, Japan

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      There are legends of ghosts that roam this sparkling skyscraper in Tokyo after a fire that left 33 killed while the building was a hotel named “Hotel New Japan”. A center of popular Tokyo urban legends, there have been many witnesses who claim the building has been haunted ever since this event and due to even prior bombings from World War II.

  • Oiwa Shrine, Japan

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      If you know the famous Japanese ghost tale “Yotsuya Kaidan”, you might want to stop by- or avoid at all costs- this famous destination that inspired the haunting sprawlings. The Oiwa shrine has a plaque detailing that the majority of the ghost story was made up, however, the truth will always remain uncertain- see for yourself.

  • Sunshine 60 Street in Tokyo, Japan

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      Sunshine 60 is one of the largest entertainment complexes in Tokyo, with an aquarium, planetarium, plentiful shopping and eateries, arcades, and *more* This popular spot for teens and young adults is a sparkling, colorful, and loud sprawling metropolis. If you feel something eerie in the air behind the loud Jpop tunes and laughing school students battling it out at Taiko no Tatsujin- it’s because of the building’s spooky past. The mall is actually built on top of a previous prison site, where some major criminals were executed, thus leading many to witness paranormal sightings while within the premises.