Black Owned Restaurants to try in Tokyo

Madeleine Ray

Tokyo has amazing food options from all corners of the globe, and while you are in the city it is imperative to taste all of the delicious options available. From Ethiopian cuisine to classic American comfort food, there is a place in Tokyo to transport you there. Support these five locally owned businesses which provide some of the friendliest service and most mouth-watering food in Tokyo city.

Little Ethiopia Restaurant & Bar Yotsugi እንቅፋት リトルエチオピア レストラン バー, Queen Sheba, Kyle's Good Finds, Calabash, Soul Food House

  • Little Ethiopia Restaurant & Bar Yotsugi እንቅፋት リトルエチオピア レストラン バー in Tokyo, Japan

    Image of Little Ethiopia Restaurant & Bar Yotsugi እንቅፋት リトルエチオピア レストラン バー on Seeker
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      This quaint restaurant offers a delicious menu, including great drinks and an energetic setting. With authentic, home-cooked Ethiopian food, this family-owned business brings genuine kindness and time tested recipes and experience to liven up your busy Tokyo days.

  • Queen Sheba in Tokyo, Japan

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      Queen Sheba serves authentic Ethiopian food in a vibrant setting. This cozy spot has a variety of tasty and flavorful dishes. Enjoy your favorite beverage from their lengthy drink menu along with truly delectable food, all with excellent customer service and a friendly atmosphere.

  • Kyle's Good Finds in Tokyo, Japan

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      Kyle's Good Finds is an American style bakery in the heart of Nakano. Enjoy authentic American-style pies and other baked goods which are not usually so accessible in Tokyo. The bakery offers true comfort for any homesick traveler.

  • Calabash in Tokyo, Japan

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      Specializing in francophone West African Cuisine, the energy at Calabash is unmatched. Along with live dancers and music performances, the extensive & flavorful menu serves to satisfy any craving.

  • Soul Food House in Tokyo, Japan

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      Soul Food House is one of the most popular restaurants in the bustling Azabu Juban area. Famous for the best chicken and waffles available in Tokyo, Soul Food House offers authentic American southern-style cooking. Enjoy the sparkling view of the city all while enjoying delicious and heartwarming comfort food.