Best Things To Do In Futako Tamagawa

Madeleine Ray

You may be planning your big Shibuya or Akihabara adventure, but what if you take the train a few stops further and explore this hidden gem neighborhood. Futako Tamagawa, or more casually known as "Nikotama" is a contemporary oasis of fine cuisine, high-end shopping, and stunning natural scenery. Explore the sprawling Hyogojima park, shop until you drop at the famous Nikotama Rise shopping center, or get lost in a comforting book with a cup of coffee at Tsutaya Electrics, whatever you seek to explore- Nikotama has the place.

Tamagawa-daishi Temple, Bubby's Futakotamagawa, Futako-Tamagawa Sta., YES TOKYO 二子玉川, Hyogojima Park, Futakotamagawa Tsutaya Electrics, Futako Tamagawa Rise/Rakuten Crimson House

  • Tamagawa-daishi Temple in Tokyo, Japan

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      This temple is off the usual tourist route but maintains the stunning authentic architecture and purpose as the most popular shrines to visit in Tokyo. Overlooking the sprawling city of Tokyo, and even Mt. Fuji on clear days, this secluded temple is ideal for history lovers or those fascinated with Japanese culture.

  • Bubby's Futakotamagawa in Tokyo, Japan

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      Visit this beloved American restaurant for a uniquely Japanese take on USA comfort cuisine. With hearty burgers, frothy milkshakes, and delicious brunch- Bubby's is easily one of the best restaurants to sample in the Nikotama neighborhood.

  • Futako-Tamagawa Sta. in Tokyo, Japan

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      Futako Tamagawa station is incredibly clean and sufficient, as most of the Tokyo metro. With fewer crowds than Shibuya or Shinjuku, visitors can enjoy the view of the river and even indulge in some Soup Stock Tokyo- tasty soup from one of Japan's most beloved and affordable chains.

  • YES TOKYO 二子玉川 in Tokyo, Japan

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      Freshly pressed juice for a somewhat great price alongside a picturesque bridge? Yes Tokyo is one of the hippest destinations in the city for a delectable and healthy juice. With a lengthy menu of both fruit and veg options, and an uber-trendy interior, it's no wonder you will be saying, "Yes!"

  • Hyogojima Park in Tokyo, Japan

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      On the outskirts of the bustling metropolis of Nikotama, the sprawling Hyogojima park makes for a fresh of breath air. Relax alongside the river with a convenience store drink in hand, catch up with friends, have a barbeque, or even view the fireworks in the summertime- Hyogojima park is a true Tokyo escape.

  • Futakotamagawa Tsutaya Electrics in Tokyo, Japan

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      Tsutaya Electrics is one of my favorite places to visit throughout Tokyo- think super charming cafe full of cozy seating arrangements wrapped with thousands of fascinating books and electronics. Whether you want to browse up-and-coming authors, discover new technology, or get lost in a book with a tasty cappuccino- Tsutaya is your go-to.

  • Futako Tamagawa Rise/Rakuten Crimson House in Tokyo, Japan

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      This hidden gem encompasses cozy cafes, riverside views, and plenty of amazing shopping opportunities. Tucked away in one of Japan's biggest corporations offices- Rakuten does not fail to disappoint.