Best Cities For Street Photography

Madeleine Ray

These cities are known globally for being some of the most impactful on fashion, art, and design- let's just say this list is for the photographers who might be having some "writer's block" per se. With an artsy atmosphere brimming throughout the streets, dynamic architecture, and an inspiring population- these destinations are easily some of the most visually stunning on the planet. Be sure to pack extra film, and have plenty of space on your memory card.

Toronto, New York, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo

  • Toronto in Toronto, Canada

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    • madeleineray

      Toronto features an effervescent city landscape that is incredibly multicultural diverse, with neighborhoods brimming with modern design, sparkling skyscrapers, historical buildings, and a sprawling Chinatown. Toronto has been inspiring artists for decades, and with its eclectic mix of architecture, cuisine, art, and fashion- it is sure to be a hotspot for photographers for a long time.

  • New York, United States

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      Home to some of the world's most legendary artists and photographers, few places on the planet can measure up against the cultural influence of NYC. An overwhelming city full of hidden corners just waiting for the right photographer to snap in a new light setting and reinvent beauty from a new perspective.

  • Berlin in Berlin, Germany

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      It's no secret Berlin attracts some of the edgiest creators. A destination brimming with avant guard creativity that leaks into the everyday cityscape, Berlin is the artist capital of Europe.

  • Paris in Paris, France

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      What artist hasn't fallen in love with Paris? Enchanting elegance reminiscent of an old film, cobbledstone pathways, and balmy lights sinking into the Seine, it's easy to get lost in the mesmerizing joie de vivre of the city. Every angle is out of a fairytale, and any photographers planning a trip to the city of lights should bring some extra film.

  • Hong Kong

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      Hong Kong is a dream for photographers, with iconic films and photobooks being based in the city. A cultural haven of eclectic enery and visual feast, the endless electricity, hustle and bustle, and multicultural history has resulted in Hong Kong being one of the most aesthetically dynamic cities on the planet.

  • Seoul, South Korea

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      With a dynamic fashion scene, gorgeous natural scenery, and modern buzz- Seoul is the beating heart of Korea, one of the most visually beautiful countries on the planet. With an emphasis on *aesthetics*, every corner is adnorned with style, from modernity and dynamic design, to wholesome visions of the past.

  • Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      Tokyo city, a combination of old and new, with layers upon layers upon layers. Tokyo has one of the most dynamic and picturesque city-scapes on the planet, and with such a massive land area that is home to millions of people from multicultural backrounds, it's no wonder that there is always something new to see. From the rolling hills and malls of Shibuya to the tranquility of Ueno park, to the electric neon lights of Shinjuku- Tokyo is a city that never fails to surprise.