Stay in Tulum, Mexico

Louliana Voelker

Tulum is an amazing city in Mexico that is right on the Atlantic side and has many great places to eat and explore.

Raw Love, La Zebra Hotel Tulum, Tulum Jungle Gym, Ziggy's, Tulsayab, Cenote Calavera, Papaya Playa Project

  • Raw Love in Tulum, Mexico

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    • loulianavoelker

      Raw Love is the first place I went to when I first got to Tulum. It is a restaurant on the beach with great food and lots of places to sit. I had the best fish tacos accompanied by a freshly cut coconut. I will never forget it, it was delicious and a very nice place to spend the day.

  • La Zebra Hotel Tulum in Tulum, Mexico

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    • loulianavoelker

      This hotel is great to stay at or even just to spend the day. They have an outdoor bar where you can sit and sip your cocktail with a view of the ocean and feet in the sand. It is kid friendly and have many seating areas spread out.

  • Tulum Jungle Gym in Quintana Roo, Mexico

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    • loulianavoelker

      This is a cool gym that is also right on the beach and has some equipment made of natural materials such as wood. Even just to take a look from the outside, this place is worth checking out.

  • Ziggy's in Tulum, Mexico

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    • loulianavoelker

      This restaurant is right on the beach with food to die for and a very nice ambiance. The food is a bit more expensive than other places in Tulum but it is worth every penny. The menu has some very creative dishes that are delicious. The restaurant itself is very nice with cool decorations and a pool table open to the public. They also tend to have live music so check their website in advance to find out when.

  • Tulsayab in Quintana Roo, Mexico

    • loulianavoelker

      I went to a small beach here that is not well known by tourists. The water is beautiful and more wild than other beaches in the commercial beach strip of Tulum. But the best part about this place was the cerviche we ordered from the local stand. I love cerviche and that was the best cerviche I had ever tasted. the fish was fresh and soft. This is my favorite hidden place in Tulum.

  • Cenote Calavera in Tulum, Mexico

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    • loulianavoelker

      There are many cenotes in Quintana Roo. Any cenote you go to will be amazing. They are these naturally made underground fresh water pools that are very large and deep so many people can swim at once. There is lighting inside and safely built stairs to help facilitate going inside. The water is completely clear and pure. It is a wonder of nature and absolutely a necessity to check out.

  • Papaya Playa Project in Tulum, Mexico

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    • loulianavoelker

      I came here on my last day in Tulum and rented one of the beds that was on the beach for the day that came with an immense budget for food and drinks for the whole day. I did nothing but tan, eat, and swim all day. I was one of the best days I spent in Tulum.