Best Brunch in Savannah,GA

Louliana Voelker

Savannah is a beautiful city with old oak trees that inhabit the many squares and parks of Savannah. Besides its beauty, the city has some great restaurants and places to have brunch!

Little Duck Diner, The Fitzroy, Back In The Day Bakery, The Olde Pink House, Cafe M, Huey's, Mirabelle Savannah, The Ordinary Pub, B. Matthew's Eatery, Debi's Restaurant, Two Cracked Eggs Cafe, The Collins Quarter

  • Little Duck Diner in Savannah, United States

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    • loulianavoelker

      The Little Duck Diner is always packed. They have the cutest design inside with big windows to let the light in and are located by Ellis Square which gives you a view of the trees. They have a traditional brunch menu with waffles, pancakes, and eggs any way. Their specialty is the grilled cheese that you can add duck or smoked salmon to.

  • The Fitzroy in Savannah, United States

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      Fitzroy has a great industrial style decor with an ambiance that matches its style. Some of their brunch options include Moroccan scramble, Israeli shakshuka, and Australian hotcake. All their dishes are full of great flavors and are always delicious.

  • Back In The Day Bakery in Savannah, United States

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      Back In The Day is a Savannah landmark. They are known for their biscuits that sell out very quickly everyday. You can get the biscuits with eggs and cheddar also. But their selection of baked goods changes daily and everything they make is delicious.

  • The Olde Pink House in Savannah, United States

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      Located overlooking Reynolds Square, the Olde Pink House serves brunch from Tuesday to Saturday. They have crab beignets, spring rolls stuffed with seafood and sausage, mac 'n' cheese jalapeno poppers, and the legendary she crab soup. As for drinks, you must get the Pink Lady, the house classic.

  • Cafe M in Savannah, United States

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      Cafe M is located right behind River Street and has a brunch divided into three categories. You can choose to eat from the Parisian section, the American section, or the Healthy section. This is a place where you can bring your entire family and everyone will find something they like.

  • Huey's in Savannah, United States

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      Want a true Southern cooking style brunch? Huey's is the place to go. They are located right on River Street so you can watch the boats passing by and enjoy the view as your trying to finish your plate of good Southern cooking. Huey's is known for their Creole Omelette that is filled with fresh shrimp. But save room for dessert because their beignets are out of this world.

  • Mirabelle Savannah in Savannah, United States

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      Mirabelle is a perfect spot to have brunch with your girlfriends. They have the best waffles with an unlimited supply of toppings, with the Nutella spread being my favorite. On top of the delicious waffles, you can brunch with a beautiful view of the Cathedral Basilica of St.John the Baptist.

  • The Ordinary Pub in Savannah, United States

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      Ever dreamed of brunch all day long? Well The Ordinary Pub did it. They serve amazing brunch options at all times of the day. Some of their specialties include bananas fosters french toast and the pork belly donut slides. This place has delicious food and it is difficult to not go there everyday during your stay.

  • B. Matthew's Eatery in Savannah, United States

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      B. Matthews usually serves brunch only on weekends but their breakfast menu has many brunch acceptable options. If you do go here, you must get the shrimp and grits. It is their specialty and a Southern classic.

  • Debi's Restaurant in Savannah, United States

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      Debi's restaurant is more of a secret brunch place that has miraculously been kept a secret from the many tourists that visit year long. It's location is great because it is located on one of Savannah's busiest streets in a good way. There are lost of people walking and shops open to explore once you are done eating. Debi's has a southern take on brunch so get ready for a big bowl of grits or a killer lobster sandwich.

  • Two Cracked Eggs Cafe in Savannah, United States

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      Located in Savannah's historic district, Two Cracked Eggs has promised to serve breakfast all day long. They have great and unique brunch specials like eggs benedict with crab cakes and peach french toast. Crab is one of Savannah's specialties and peach is Georgia's state fruit, how could you not try these! They also have great special cocktails but you might watn to get them before your meal because you will most likely not have any room after your delicious brunch.

  • The Collins Quarter in Savannah, United States

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      Collins Quarter should be your first go to for brunch in Savannah. They are known for their vast coffee menu with lots of untraditional but delicious flavors. There is also a great vibe here to sit and enjoy the people eating around you and you will find yourself caught up in conversation by the end of your meal, this place is the best.