The Best Breweries and Taprooms in Memphis

Kaylee Giacomini

Memphis, Tennessee is a city with a hoppin’ brewery scene. From microbrews to old school taprooms Memphis has a rich beer culture that has gained notoriety with locals and tourists alike over the years. Locals say the secret to their outstanding beer production lies in the city’s water, but the pure talent of the city’s brewing powerhouses certainly helps. Don’t leave Memphis without visiting at least one of the local breweries.

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  • WISEACRE Brewing Company OG in Memphis, United States

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    • kaylee

      Wiseacre is a pioneer in the Tennessee brewing community; they were the first brewery to can their beer in the state. Wiseacre’s secret lies in technology. They use a high end brewing mechanism in both of their locations to craft their beer and provide daily tours for brewery aficionados. See how the beer is made for yourself, and then try out some of their brews on tap. Their American Pilsner “Tiny Bomb” took home the third place medal at the Great American Beer Fest in 2014.

  • Ghost River Brewery & Taproom in Memphis, United States

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      Ghost River believes that a combination of Memphis’ crisp tap water and the talent of their brewers makes them the best brewery in the city. Many locals would agree with them - they do make an excellent beer. The brewery is named after the Ghost River - one of the last stops before drinking water reaches the city in the Memphis Sands Aquifer. Today, Ghost River has two breweries in the city with 12 beers on tap and a rotation of seasonal brews. Both breweries have live music on occasion and their South Main location even hosts a weekly book club.

  • Boscos Squared in Memphis, United States

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      Boscos has won some of the highest accolades in the American brewery scene for their iconic beers on tap. Their Silver Stone brew took home the second place prize at the Great American Beer Festival - competing against breweries across all 50 states. Their Bombay IPA also medaled four different times. Boscos is well known for their excellent food menu. Try out one of their brick oven pizzas and wash it down with a flight of iconic beers. They also do a fantastic beer brunch if eggs benedict and an IPA is your pairing of choice.

  • Meddlesome Brewing Company in Memphis, United States

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      Many breweries bring in food pop-ups to compliment their beer, but at Meddlesome the food scene of Memphis inspired their beers. They use an array of local ingredients designed to pair perfectly with food trucks that often frequent the tap room. The brewery owners are both Memphis locals with a strong passion for the food scene and designing their beer to pay homage to their city.

  • Crosstown Brewing Company in Memphis, United States

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      Crosstown was opened in 2018 by two men who loved beer so much, they each spent years studying brewing methods before putting their craft to practice. You can always find a rotation of ten beers on tap at Crosstown, with fan favorite mainstays like Siren Blonde Ale and Traffic IPA. Beyond beer, they also offer cold brew coffee on tap each day. Order a flight to try a handful of their iconic beers.

  • Grind City Brewing Co. in Memphis, United States

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      Grind City is located right on the River and has sprawling views for both their indoor and outdoor seating areas. The brewery often hosts local performers on their outdoor stage giving patrons a spacious area to hang out with a beer in hand each weekend.

  • Soul & Spirits Brewery in Memphis, United States

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      Soul and Spirits’ name, atmosphere, and beer is inspired by the vibrant and historic music scene of Memphis. Opened in 2021, it is one of the most recent additions to the city’s microbrewery scene. That being said, they have already made a name for themselves in town and aren’t going away any time soon. The brewery’s interior is adorned with long tables, fairy lights, and murals. If you need to work (or drink) in peace, they also have a quiet friendly room to relax in.

  • Memphis Made Brewing Co. in Memphis, United States

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      Memphis Made is a microbrewery with a bustling taproom and kegs located in restaurants all over the city. Their dog friendly covered outdoor seating area often hosts local food trucks so you can pair a flight with a bite. Their brews tend to change by the season, so be sure to visit year round to try a variety of their small batch beers and hard seltzers.

  • Hampline Brewing in Memphis, United States

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      Hampline is another recent addition to the Memphis Brewery Scene, but has certainly risen to fame already. They source hops from across the globe and produce some lesser known varieties like the Polish grodziske and a dopplebock. Branch out beyond an IPA or Pilsner at Hampline.