The 14 Best Brunch Spots in New Orleans

Kaylee Giacomini

New Orleans has some of the best culinary experiences in the United States, so as expected they have phenomenal brunch options across the city. Whenever I have friends or family visiting I always take them to one of my favorite spots to enjoy a decadent, long breakfast that can last hours if done just right. From jazz buffets to bottomless vodka New Orleans does brunch exceptionally well.

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  • BEARCAT CBD in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      Bearcat has two locations in New Orleans - the CBD one is indisputably the best while uptown pales in comparison. I love Bearcat for a handful of reasons. For starters, the menu. They cater to a wide array of dietary restrictions such as vegan, gluten free, paleo, and vegetarian. I’m not vegan anymore, however their vegan ranchero skillet is phenomenal. They may also have the best eggs that I’ve ever had while dining out. I love them for their drink selection. Try the hot irish coffee or the Bearcat spritz. The CBD location specifically is known for amazing service, and the atmosphere is lovely with an intimate indoor dining section and a spacious patio.

    • leah i heard this was so good!
  • Trenasse in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      Trenasse is my favorite special occasion breakfast spot in the CBD. I’m a bottomless brunch connoisseur, and they have one of the best in New Orleans. Their mimosas are 90% champagne (the correct ratio of bubbly to OJ) and they also make a great bloody mary if you’re rolling in hungover after a night on Bourbon Street. Their brunch specials are also excellent (eggcellent?). I always order the beef grillades benedict with a side of grits, but the blue crab benedict also comes highly recommended.

  • Humble Bagel in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      I’m from up North, so I always look for a good bagel whenever I leave the mid-Atlantic. Humble Bagel has the most authentic NYC style bagel in New Orleans. The line almost always wraps around the outside, but it’s well worth the wait. My go-to order is a toasted everything bagel with sausage, egg, and cream cheese. Get it with their cold brew and have a picnic on the grassy lot next door. Bonus: they don’t re-use their bagels the next day so if you get there close enough to close they tend to give you a bag of free bagels.

    • mustangdmv Always on the lookout for a good New York bagel outside of NYC!
  • Willa Jean in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      I haven’t had Willa Jean in a few months and I still think about their biscuits. You can’t leave the southern United States without trying a biscuit (especially one with white sausage gravy). Willa Jean is the place in NOLA to get your fix. Baked fresh daily & served with a variety of toppings and spreads to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Aside from over the top biscuits, Willa Jean also has great breakfast specials. I love their grits and the King Cake when it’s in season.

  • Ruby Slipper Cafe in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      Ruby Slipper is a micro-chain across the South, but it got its humble beginning in New Orleans. They have a few locations in the city, but I particularly like their Magazine Street spot. Get a flight of mimosas and one of their benedicts. I love their Chicken St. Charles the most.

  • The Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      Court of Two Sisters does a phenomenal Jazz Brunch buffet. Jazz Brunch is exactly what the name implies - an array of classic brunch options accompanied by a live brass band there to serenade the dining experience. Unlike other popular spots, they also serve brunch 7 days a week. Reserve a seat in the courtyard if the weather allows and stay all morning. You won’t find a more fun breakfast in New Orleans.

  • Copper Vine in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      I first came to love Copper Vine for it’s intimate courtyard in the heart of the CBD and happy hour menu. Recently, the classic wine bar with amazing bites started serving brunch. They have a rather expansive menu, but I recommend starting with the LA crawfish beignets and sampling the Creole Shakshuka or one of their benedicts.

  • The Country Club in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      Country Club may just be the hardest brunch spot to get into on this list - they book out months in advance! I’ve had a reservation on the calendar since November for a Sunday in May when my family is in town. If you can plan far enough in advance to get a table, it’s so worth it. Country Club is famous for its weekend drag brunch which features some of the most talented queens in the city. Their food is also decadent. The blue crab & mascarpone beignets are some of the best in the city, and you can’t go wrong with any of the entrees. The atmosphere of the country club is just as indulgent as the food - the interior has the vibe of a provincial mansion in the springtime and you can lounge by their courtyard pool to digest your meal.

  • Jack Rose in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      Jack Rose is where you go to impress your friends that come into town for a debaucherous weekend of bar hopping. That being said, their glamorous food and beverage options are as delicious as they are theatrical. Try the wild mushroom arancini, 1 & 1 burger, or steak and eggs. Looking to blow the bank before noon? Get their $160 Disco Punch that comes with enough booze for 8 people. It’s featured spirits are vodka, vermouth, and a variety of fruit juices. As the name implies it also comes in a disco ball. Be sure to check out the rooftop bar above the restaurant & hotel called Hot Tin for excellent views of the city that can only be found in the LGD.

  • Sofia in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      By night Sofia is probably the best Italian restaurant in the city, but their brunch cannot be overlooked. First of all, they have bottomless aperol spritz. Need I say more? As for the food, they have your classic Italian fare plus some brunch favorites. Try the eggs in purgatory, the breakfast pizza, or their take on shrimp and grits - shrimp and polenta. Trying to appease your friends who don’t eat breakfast? They have traditional pizza and pasta served all day too. There’s something for everyone at Sofia.

  • Effervescence in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      I first visited the decadent champagne bar Effervescence on the recommendation of a NOLA TikTok star (follow @alexx_robinson for expert recommendations). Alex didn’t let me down. Their Sunday brunch menu changes weekly, but is hand curated by their chef for a classy dining experience often featuring champagne and caviar. On February 6 (the day I wrote this list) the featured brunch is 2 courses for $38 per person with an avocado citrus salad and steak and eggs. The following week they have caviar & bagel brunch.

  • Atchafalaya in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      Atchafalaya’s Bavarian exterior looks out of place in New Orleans, but their decadent Cajun menu fits well in this city. Make reservations well in advance and be sure to try the Bayou Benedict featuring locally sourced crab and shrimp, the duck hash, and a side of Creole Country boudin.

  • Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      Antoine’s has been open since 1840, making it the oldest operating restaurant in the United States. For that reason alone it is a cool landmark to check out, but their old-school menu does not disappoint. Their oyster rockefeller is a must try - they’ve been making them with the same recipe for over a century. This is also the best place in the city to try escargot. As for entrees, the seafood omelet is to die for as are the grillades and grits. Don’t leave the establishment without a bite of bread pudding.

  • Lula Restaurant Distillery in New Orleans, United States

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    • kaylee

      I first visited Lula’s on a wig brunch celebrating my friend’s graduation from her Masters program. Their food was good, and the house-distilled vodka was to die for. Come to Lula’s for their bottomless vodka brunch featuring juices and aromatics to pair it with. Or take it as a shot if that’s more your style. I lost count of how many vodkas I had eventually, but ended up in my apartment’s pool in December afterwards. It was a great time with vodka so pure I didn’t even have a hangover that evening.