The 11 Best Brunch Joints in Kansas City

Kaylee Giacomini

Kansas City is a vibrant metro area on the border of Missouri and Kansas. The Midwest in general is home to some unique culinary options to try when you’re hungry for classic American fare. Kansas City is known for this down home flavor fused together with global flare that is becoming more and more mainstay in this region of the United States. Kansas City does big, classic brunches featuring midwest staples like biscuits and waffles, but the city is so much more than this which is particularly reflected in their brunch joints. Try out a variety on your next visit to Kansas City.

Bristol Seafood + Steak + Social, Succotash, Gram & Dun, Ça Va, Blvd Tavern, blue bird bistro, The Brass Onion, You Say Tomato, The Big Biscuit, Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, Denver Biscuit Company - Kansas City

  • Bristol Seafood + Steak + Social in Kansas City, United States

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      Bristol Seafood is known for its big Sunday brunch buffet. The establishment knows homestyle cooking better than most brunch joints in the city, and aside from their usual brunch variety, allows patrons to mix it up with a take on classics. When you visit Bristol Seafood, pile up your plate with carrot cake waffles topped with cream cheese frosting, lobster mac and cheese, and wings. By night, they’re an upscale seafood joint. Be sure to visit them later in the day if you can’t make Sunday brunch.

  • Succotash in Kansas City, United States

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      Succotash is a quintessential brunch joint in the heart of Kansas City. Their menu truly has something for everyone and their breakfast fare cannot be beat. Start your meal off with one of their locally famous cold-pressed juices or a hot drink like their rosemary caramel latte. Their food options are always made fresh daily and crafted with care by the establishment’s seasoned chefs. Try out the bronuts (a brownie donut) or one of their build your own breakfast scrambles.

  • Gram & Dun in Kansas City, United States

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      Gram and Dun is a place that hallmarks itself on being “by the people, for the people.” They are a culinary-arts-driven institution with food meant to be savored. Their menu is seasonal, and plays on local produce found in the area. Gram and Dun is also well known across the city for their drink pairings. Each item on the menu can be accompanied by one of their cocktails crafted by in-house mixologists. Order their breakfast tacos or a fluffy waffle topped with honey butter.

  • Ça Va in Kansas City, United States

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      Ca Va is a French and Midwestern fusion joint. They are the city’s first and only champagne bar, so all of their dishes can be paired with a signature bubbly. Their breakfast menu is served every Sunday until 3 pm and offers classic French food options such as crepes, pastries, and quiche. Visit Ca Va ready to celebrate, even if the only festivity you have in mind is a decadent Sunday brunch.

  • Blvd Tavern in Kansas City, United States

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      Blvd Tavern is a centrally located joint in Kansas City. They are boasted as having a modern American tavern vibe serving homestyle food in a laid back atmosphere. Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am - 2 pm. Their libation menu is particularly boozy, offering $18 bottomless mimosas during brunch service. Their brunch fare leans on the traditional side with corned beef hash, shrimp and grits, and other classics with modern twists tossed into the mix.

  • blue bird bistro in Kansas City, United States

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      Blue Bird Bistro specializes in organic options and is open for breakfast daily. They have a farm to table mentality and like to source their ingredients from local farmers. Their house cured lox is some of the best in Kansas City, but the classic bagel pairing found around the mid-Atlantic is swapped out for a crusty slice of artisan bread. Blue Bird is also known for their unique benedicts. Try their meatloaf variation or the catfish benny!

  • The Brass Onion in Overland Park, United States

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      The Brass Onion prides itself on being gourmet comfort food. Their menu is a mixture of comfort and creole, with classics like chicken and waffles, beignets, and jambalaya pasta peppered into the selection. The dining room is comfortable, and has the vibe of sitting at home for breakfast with the family.

  • You Say Tomato in Kansas City, United States

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      You Say Tomato is one of the most unique brunch spots on this list. They are a small neighborhood joint with a menu that changes daily. If available, try out one of the biscuit sandwiches. They tend to use unique pairings such as a roasted eggplant sammy featuring goat cheese and basil. Visit them a few times to experience the extent of their menu.

  • The Big Biscuit in Kansas City, United States

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      The Big Biscuit is a local chain in Kansas City and offers some of the city’s most beloved brunch options. Their name stands true and the establishment is known for their big portions and flavors. The Big Biscuit offers classic biscuit staples like biscuits and gravy, but they also specialize in big biscuit bowls and other breakfast dishes featuring the works.

  • Snooze, an A.M. Eatery in Kansas City, United States

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      Unlike the other fabulous eateries on this list so far, Snooze strictly serves breakfast. Their menu has classic options, but chefs have gone on to perfect the simple art of breakfast over the years. Their pancakes and omelets are creative, and the griddled french toast is among the best in the state. Snooze can be found all over the state of Missouri, but their Kansas City location has unique vibes and a fun atmosphere.

  • Denver Biscuit Company - Kansas City in Kansas City, United States

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      Denver Biscuit Company specializes in its namesake - biscuits! All of their breakfast entrees come with the flaky, layered brioche from sandwiches to savory brunch plates. The company got its start in the city of Denver, but its Kansas City location is a beloved and welcome addition to the city. Aside from classic savory biscuits, they also do sweet biscuits such as their loaded biscuit cinnamon roll topped with a crispy pile of bacon.