Quezon & Bicol Getaway

Jean Tiston

I really wanted to travel this year but 2020 was a whirlwind of unexpected events. A goal of mine is to visit every province in the Philippines and I like creating itineraries where I can visit multiple provinces in one trip. So here's a trip to Quezon and Bicol, the southernmost regions of Luzon island. Lots of beautiful beaches and we'll get a glimpse of Mayon Volcano's perfect cone on the way. #SeekerChallenge

Subic Beach, Mayon Volcano, Alibijaban Island, Burias Island, Ticao Island, Caramoan, Calaguas Island, Marinduque, Maniuaya Island

  • Subic Beach, Philippines

    Image of Subic Beach on Seeker
    • jeanlouise

      2 Days - Subic is a pink sand beach in Matnog, Sorsogon. You can camp out in a tent or rent one of the cottages. You can also visit the fish sanctuary and Calintaan Cave on the way there.

  • Mayon Volcano, Philippines

    Image of Mayon Volcano on Seeker
    • jeanlouise

      1 Day - Admire Mayon Volcano's perfect cone. You can visit the Cagsawa Ruins or if you're feeling more adventurous go on an ATV tour.

  • Alibijaban Island, Philippines

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    • jeanlouise

      2 Days - Alibijaban is a small island located off the southeastern coast of Bondoc Peninsula. It has a laid back atmosphere, perfect for just chilling on the beach.

  • Burias Island, Philippines

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    • jeanlouise

      2 Days - One of the three major islands of Masbate Province. Burias boasts beautiful beaches and a gorgeous sandbar. You can visit the different spots on an island hopping tour.

  • Ticao Island, Philippines

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    • jeanlouise

      2 Days - Ticao is an Island in Masbate. Go snorkeling at Halea Island Nature Park. Visit Borabangcaso Islet. And take a dip at Catandayagan Falls.

  • Caramoan, Philippines

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    • jeanlouise

      3 Days - Caramoan Islands is the venue of Survivor Season 26. It has beautiful islands and gorgeous beaches that you won't want to miss.

  • Calaguas Island, Philippines

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    • jeanlouise

      2 Days - One of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines can be found in Calaguas Islands. There are no resorts here (as of writing) and you'll need to bring your own tents and camping gear. This is a beach bum paradise. You can also hike up Tinago Hills.

  • Marinduque, Philippines

    Image of Marinduque on Seeker
    • jeanlouise

      3 Days- The main island of Marinduque offers a wide variety of activities. You can just chill at Poctoy Beach or visit old churches and houses at Boac and Gasan. If you're feeling more adventurous go spelunking at Bagumbungan Cave. Is hiking your thing? Go up Mt. Malindig or Mt. Mataas where a great panoramic view of the sunset can be seen. After all of those spots you can relax at Malbog Sulfuric Hot Spring where the water is said to be therapeutic because of its volcanic origin.

  • Maniuaya Island, Philippines

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    • jeanlouise

      2 Days - A small island off the coast of Marinduque. It's your typical tropical paradise with its white-sand beaches lined with palm trees. The popular activity here is an island hopping tour where you can visit four sites: the Palad Sandbar, Mongpong Island, Ungab Rock Formation, and a snorkeling area.