My Top 8 Barcelona Sites & Bite Recommendations

Jasmine Caceres

I visited Barcelona on way too short a trip. And if you only have a short time to spend in this beautiful city, I’d highly recommend adding these spots to your list.

9 Reinas, Guelly sandwichpark, Park Güell, Mercado de La Boqueria, Gothic Quarter, Casa Milà, Restaurante Arrosseria las Arenas, La Sagrada Familia

  • 9 Reinas, Spain

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    • jasmineagbhow

      If you’re looking for a more upscale spot to dine at while in Barcelona, look no further than 9Reinas. Atmosphere, service, and food were all a 10/10. I’ve definitely had vivid dreams about being back there with some tender steak and delicious wine.

  • Guelly sandwichpark, Spain

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    • jasmineagbhow

      This small shop outside of Parc Guell is quite unassuming but despite their seemingly minimal sandwiches, was one of the best places to get a quick bite.

  • Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain

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    • jasmineagbhow

      Parc Güell may not be a return-to spot for me but it is most definitely a spot you have to visit at least once. It’s perfect for getting your steps in on a beautiful day - and while also designed by Gaudí, I loved how different the architecture was compared to some of his other locations. The buildings almost look like giant gingerbread houses.

  • Mercado de La Boqueria, Spain

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    • jasmineagbhow

      This open-air food market is totally hunder-inducing, from brightly-colored produce stalls, to flavorful smelling spice piles, to quick eats like potato balls and empanadas. It’s a great place to take a self-guided food tour or to grab some goodies to bring back to your accommodations.

  • Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain

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    • jasmineagbhow

      The Gothic Quarter or Barrio Gótico is one of the best spots to get lost in Barcelona. The entire area brings you back and time and offers limitless corners and alleys to get lost in. And of course, you’ll find some smaller museums and beautiful churches on your stroll.

  • Casa Milà, Spain

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    • jasmineagbhow

      Casa Milà was my favorite of Gaudí’s buildings in Barcelona primarily because of the Pedrera at night experience. This tour takes a smaller group from the lobby, through the building, and up to the rooftop where you’ll experience a stunning light show. The entire event is immersive and beautiful.

  • Restaurante Arrosseria las Arenas, Spain

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    • jasmineagbhow

      This was the first spot we ate at while In Barcelona and no other tapas spot topped it for us during our trip. Highly recommend the chicken paella, pan con tomate, patatas bravas, chorizo, and chips de berenjenas con miel. Luckily with tapas, you can try a little of everything!

  • La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

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    • jasmineagbhow

      La Sagrada Familia is far from your typical church, obviously since it was designed by Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí. It’s also designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.