Summer Spots in Portland

James Knowlton

With almost 8 months of gray, Summer is a much awaited respite from the gloom. Portlanders certainly will let you know, the Winter's may be hard, but the Summers make it all worth it.

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  • Multnomah Falls, United States

    Image of Multnomah Falls on Seeker
    • jajajames

      There are so many gorgeous waterfall hikes along the gorge and near Mt. Hood, that could be a list in and of itself. This is of course, the larges and most famous, and I think getting spritzed by a giant waterfall is a wonderful way to beat the heat!

  • Naked Falls in Washington, United States

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    • jajajames

      There are many places to swim along the Washougal, I am not going to tell you the best mile markers because that takes research and knowing where to look. This is a well known spot, with incredible scenery. It is on private property (I think) and is closed off and on, so be sure to know before you head out there.

  • Roof Deck at Revolution Hall in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      This is a very bustling, busy rooftop with incredible views of the city, great cocktails, and umbrellas for shade. A definite cool place to be when the temperatures start to rise.

  • Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      A small, but mighty amusement park. Will certainly conjure some nostalgic feelings for older people and create new darling memories for the young ones.

  • Oxbow Regional Park, United States

    Image of Oxbow Regional Park on Seeker
    • jajajames

      One of the closer areas for recreational camping, swimming in the river, and meandering about the nearby trails.

  • Columbia Slough in Portland, United States

    Image of Columbia Slough on Seeker
    • jajajames

      Rent a kayak at many places around the rivers and tributaries of Portland, splash one another when you start to sweat from the work!

  • Mt Tabor Park in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      A gorgeous place to catch some views, with plenty of trails that meander into forests for shade. Additionally, look at the City of Portland calendar for free movies at parks scattered across the city.

  • International Rose Test Garden in Portland, United States

    Image of International Rose Test Garden on Seeker
    • jajajames

      Roses typically bloom from April - October. This is a beautiful place to find some peace, gorgeous sights, smells, and view of Portland below. This is also near the Japanese Gardens a great place to wander and find spots of shade.

  • Portland Mercado in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      Though food cart pods are present here all yearlong and famous in fact, for good reason, when the weather is nice of course you want to sit outside! There are many to choose from: BG’s Food Cartel, Cartopia, Portland Mercado, Cartlandia, Happy Valley Station, and the Alder Street Food Cart Pod, among so many others. Portland Mercado is a favorite and its colorful walls will accompany the bright spirit of Summer.

  • Portland Rose Festival Foundation in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      June marks a time for festivals in Portland, the two biggest include Pride and the Rose Festival. Each of these festivals has its own flavor, locations to be at, and sights and parades to cheer for and see. Each year the calendar will slightly change for the plethora of events accompanying these events. Just be prepared to party!

  • Pendarvis Farm, United States

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    • jajajames

      Home to the famous 3-day indie and folk festival Pickathon, since 1999 Pickathon has introduced new and exciting acts to thousands of Portlanders and beyond. This takes place in August, but if you want to camp all 3 days, I suggest you start planning early.

  • McMenamins Edgefield, United States

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    • jajajames

      Edgefield is famous for bringing music to their parks in the Summer, people bring picnics, blankets and cool beverages to watch acts on the lawn.

  • Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      In addition to the Cherry Blossoms, Market, and Blues Festival, this is also the meeting spot for the "Big Float" a meeting of tubers and floaters in early July where hundreds of people come to float the river together near downtown.

  • Portland Saturday Market in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      This market is a wonderful place to wander and look at interesting things. It is along the Waterfront Park, which has many activities throughout the summer, including a Blues Festival in early July.

  • Cycle Portland - Bike Tours, Rentals, Repairs in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      Generally, speaking biking is highly encouraged in Portland, as it is an extremely bike friendly city! There's the annual bike month with themed rides almost every day of the month that you can jump in on. There is the world famous Naked Bike Ride, with up to 10,000 naked riders taking over a part of the city. You also have the more family friendly Portland Sunday Parkways, where roads and areas of town are blocked off for cyclists only to explore and ride freely.

  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      As mentioned in the last post, the heat has been somewhat intense in Portland the last few years. This is a good place to cool off and explore their amazing gem collection.

  • Portland Art Museum in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      The temperatures have been going up lately in the Summer here, so you will also need activities to beat the heat. The PAM has rotating exhibitions as well as an interesting permanent collection.

  • Solera Brewery in Mount Hood, United States

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    • jajajames

      If you are traveling to or near Mt. Hood, you will definitely want to stop at this brewery along the way. You can make a day of berry picking along the Hood River area and stop here to hydrate. It is near a Pear grove and has an incredible view of the mountain.

  • Salt & Straw in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      The most famous ice cream in Portland, so do expect some lines. This place is known for its creamy ice cream and unique flavors, offering vegan options as well.

  • Kelley Point Park in Portland, United States

    Image of Kelley Point Park on Seeker
    • jajajames

      Swimming here is some of the cleanest water you will get near the city as it is right where the Columbia feeds into the Willamette. This is a great place for walks and a dip in the river. The giant tree lined trails will keep you coming back.