Plant Based Paradise in Portland, OR

James Knowlton

Hello my fellow plant eaters! If you don't eat meat and/or dairy and/or simply love what a vegetable can do...this list is for you!

Harlow, The Sweet Hereafter, The Sudra, Sizzle Pie Central Eastside, Blossoming Lotus, Dirty Lettuce, Doe Donuts, Epif, Mama Dut, Jade Rabbit, Fermenter, Cultured Kindness Vegan Cheese Shop, Plant Based Papi, Bye and Bye, Jet Black Coffee Company

  • Harlow in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      A spacious and bright interior align with the bright and scrumptious menu. Most of the items are vegan and you can find what you would expect from a health eatery: yummy veggies bowls, salads, and smoothies. The smoothies are honestly the best I have ever had and I am sad to say their sister restaurant Prasad has since closed during the pandemic.

  • The Sweet Hereafter in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      A cozy, dimly lit bar on SE Belmont that serves an assortment of feel good, vegan dishes. Whereas its sister vegan bar in NE emphasizes traditional comfort food, Sweet Hereafter offers a more standard American food fare.

  • The Sudra in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      There are a few locations of The Sudra, including their most recent addition on Mississippi. The food is simply divine here, exceptionally flavorful and feeling hearty and light simultanously. You cannot beat that.

  • Sizzle Pie Central Eastside in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      This is a pizza place that's definitely making a name for itself. It has expanded to Reno, Austin, among other cities nationwide. While not explicitly all vegan, you can bring your cheese eating friends and still get yourself a slice. They always have a rotating vegan special by the slice.

  • Blossoming Lotus in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      Entirely plant based, local, organic, and in many instances raw, this cafe serves up food with aesthetic intention. Cue the stomach and heart eyes.

  • Dirty Lettuce in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      Dirty Lettuce recently opened a brick and mortar shop, congratulations to them! This is accurate southern food done entirely plant based and very well, might we add. We're talking seitan short ribs, greens, and mac'n cheese people. My mouth is watering as I write this.

  • Doe Donuts in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      While there are many donut shops in town, this is the only vegan one. They also offer vegan ice cream, so you can cover all your sweet tooth bases in one go.

  • Epif in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      This place regularly tops the best of plant based restaurants and with good reason. Epif servers South American themed dishes and Pisco cocktails. It is wonderful to get a glimpse of a culture that is not your own, or visit a place that reminds you of home!

  • Mama Dut in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      Mama Dut is famous for its exceptional Vietnamese vegan cuisine and for its chef, Thuy Pham. She has also made a name for herself beyond the restaurant world, in her important BIPOC advocacy work. When you eat here you support people who care about other people and you eat well, win/win.

  • Jade Rabbit in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      Handmade vegan dim sum on the daily, with one dish shaped like little bunnies. The reviews for this place go as far as to say it is many people's favorite restaurant in Portland. I am not sure I would say that, but I certainly do think everything on the menu is delicious.

  • Fermenter in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      The foundation of this plant based restaurant is fermentation. Many of the dishes come with some sort of pickled pizzazz and you can wash it down with their house made kombucha.

  • Cultured Kindness Vegan Cheese Shop in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      That's correct, an entire shop devoted to vegan cheese. I usually shy away from overly processed non-dairy options, but here you do not have to concerned. Everything is handmade in Portland with intention. This spot is in a vegan strip mall of sorts, along with Sweet Pea Bakery, Ice Queen (ice cream shop), and even a tattoo parlor.

  • Plant Based Papi in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      This spot started as a pop-up of sorts by chef Jewan Manuel. It is so popular people would set alarms on their phone for pre-orders and they would instantly sell-out. This new location finds itself within the bar, Fortune PDX. He makes everything from scratch and doesn't buy any pre-made vegan staples. What is unique about this place is that they do not use any meat alternatives that are processed, at all. He is completely plant based making meats out of things like walnuts, mung beans, banana blossoms, chantrelles, among other creative choices.

  • Bye and Bye in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      This place has staple comfort food bowls and sandwiches. I personally love their greens. This is also a good choice for ambiance, as the bar is low lighting with great seating.

  • Jet Black Coffee Company in Portland, United States

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    • jajajames

      Next to Food Fight!, the vegan grocery, this is a coffee shop devoted to you guessed it... all things cafe, but make it dairy and meat free!