Cool Things to Do With Kids in NOLA

Isabelle de Braux

If you're thinking, what am I gonna do with the kids in a boozy town like New Orleans?! Well, the imbibing and eating and indulging can make a lot of travelers think the city is nothing but a big party town for adults. But peel back those distilled layers and you’ll find that there are some truly memorable things for kids to do. From fun rides at City Amusement Park, to the butterfly garden and kayaking across charming NOLA neighborhoods. Here's your pick of the litter!

JAMNOLA, Louisiana Children's Museum, Kayakitiyat, City Park, Audubon Zoo

  • JAMNOLA in New Orleans, United States

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      If you wanna take your kids to a unique experience, this is it. Parents who are art lovers will enjoy seeing their kids learn about the New Orleans music, culture and art. You’ll make your way through the different rooms of the exhibition which feature NOLA’s cultural icons like crawfish boils, po-boys, Mardi Gras Indians and jazz musicians.

  • Louisiana Children's Museum in New Orleans, United States

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      Designed for children, this museum tells a story about the historic town and the Mississippi river through themed activities. The museum itself covers 8.5 acres! So there’s plenty for your kids to do. The Play With Me area is for toddlers under the age of 4, with activities designed to ignite the senses. The Follow That Food exhibit is also a super cool way for your kids to learn about where the food is coming from, from farm to the family table. You can also have a meal at Acorn Cafe which has tons of delicious menu choices for kids.

  • Kayakitiyat in New Orleans, United States

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      Children of all ages are welcome here! Hop into a kayak and a guide will paddle with you along the river, past cute little neighborhoods steeped in history. Kids will especially love the potential for wildlife along the way. The tour takes about 2 hours and costs between $45-$49. And if you and your family are the outdoorsy types, you can kick it up a notch and do the Pontchartrain Paddle which is a 4-hour journey up and down the Bayou St John.

  • City Park in New Orleans, United States

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      Beautiful and entertaining, the kids will love City Park. Sprawling over 1,300 acres, there’s so much to do starting with the flowers and plants you’ll find inside. What’s even better? The Carousel Gardens Amusement Park which has 18 rides for children and adults of all ages. Things not to miss are Storyland which is a playground with larger-than-life characters from famous story books. Also check out Train Garden in the Botanic Garden area of the park where you’ll learn about the history and architecture of the town through replicas made out of botanic materials.

  • Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, United States

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      This cool zoo has plenty for an entire day. The zoo itself has flamingos, lions and monkeys and apes like the orangutan. Then head over to the aquarium where you can see fish and sea life from jellyfish and sharks, to penguins and the endangered white alligator (not albino). Make sure to look out for the shark touch pool where you’re accompanied by a naturalist and can dip your hand in and feel a real shark!