Best parks in Portland

Harrison Appah

If there's one thing that natives of Portland, Oregon can boast about, it is the city's abundance of natural spots, greenery, and parks. Portland has several parks with various attractions to cater to the outdoor desires of anyone who cares to visit. In this list, we will be exploring the top five of these parks.

Council Crest, Laurelhurst Park, Arbor Lodge, Tanner Springs Park, Washington Park, Cathedral Park, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Mount Tabor, Forest Park

  • Council Crest in Portland, United States

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      The 1,073 peak of Council Crest is the highest in Portland. This guarantees that visitors to this gorgeous mountain park get the most amazing of views, especially at sunsets. This park is perfect for a romantic picnic or if you just want to see a great view.

  • Laurelhurst Park in Portland, United States

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      The homey vibe of Laurelhurst Park is its main attraction to locals. Offering up a little bit of everything, you’ll often find its lawns filled with people playing with their dogs, feeding the ducks or just enjoying the weather with friends.

  • Arbor Lodge in Portland, United States

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      Known for its accessibility, Arbor Lodge Park boasts a multitude of avenues for people to explore with outdoor activities. There are paths to walk, a baseball field, a tennis court, multiple statues and displays of art and the renowned Harper’s playground.

  • Tanner Springs Park in Portland, United States

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      The Pearl District houses this serene park, located in a marshy area. The park is often devoid of dogs and children, allowing occupants to appreciate the peaceful waters of the stream that runs through it and its design which speaks to the city’s love for art and taking care of the planet.

  • Washington Park in Portland, United States

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      Washington Park is one of Portland's most visited and popular parks. Spanning over 400 acres of greenery, the park is the home of multiple cultural hotspots such as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the International Rose Test Garden which houses over 700 species of roses.

  • Cathedral Park in Portland, United States

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      This park is often considered one of the prettiest parks in Portland. Its location beneath St. Johns Bridge makes it a popular spot for locals who want to do photo shoots for occasions such as engagements, graduations, and more. Its biggest attraction is the yearly Cathedral Park Blues festival which is free and held every summer.

  • Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, United States

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      Just to the west of Willamette River in downtown Portland is Tom McCall Waterfront Park. It is one of the most populated parks, often crowded with people. The blooming cherry blossom trees are the most eye-catching of the natural scenery.

  • Mount Tabor in Portland, United States

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      This gorgeous park sits at the top of a now-extinct volcano in the southeast of Portland. It is known for its idyllic views which visitors are encouraged to view while picnicking on the grassy hillside. The trails that line the mount are ideal for hiking and biking and lead right to the pretty water reservoirs, one of the main attractions.

  • Forest Park in Portland, United States

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      With its breathtakingly huge span of over 5,200 acres, Forest Park is not only one of the largest parks in Portland but one of the biggest urban parks in the United States. Hikers and mountain bikers have more than 70 miles worth of beautiful forest trails to explore with amazing greenery.