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A year-round guide to exploring historic Grapevine with your significant other.

Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery, Texas Gun Experience, Chocolate Hangover bootleggers of Chocolate Moonshine, JudyPie, Dr Sue's Chocolate, Kilwins Grapevine, Rocket Fizz Grapevine, Main Line Coffee Bar, Brew & Batter, Warhammer Store & Cafe, Main Street Bistro & Bakery, RE:defined Coffee House, Palace Arts Center, Movement Grapevine, The Escape Game Grapevine, The Grapevine Escape, Crush It! Sports Lounge, Golf Galaxy, Corky's Gaming Bistro

  • Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery, United States

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      Vetro (Italian for “glass”) is a nationally-recognized, active glassblowing studio, and Fine Art Gallery. Vetro offers an extensive variety of professionally crafted glass art, ranging from hand-made sculptures to small glass art gifts. Guests will have the opportunity to assist in creating their own, unique art glass. Guests can stop by and enjoy being in the presence of talented artists as they create and practice the ancient art of glassblowing.

  • Texas Gun Experience in Grapevine, United States

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      A family business operating in the area for more than 35 years. Military veterans are committed to upholding Second Amendment rights while encouraging education and training to keep the tradition of gun ownership alive for generations to come. Texas Gun Experience offers a variety of services, including a top-tier gun shop, firearm rentals with over 200 machine guns in inventory, gunsmithing, a fire-arm academy with in-person and online gun classes and much more.

  • Chocolate Hangover bootleggers of Chocolate Moonshine, United States

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      Chocolate Moonshine bars are created with the best Belgian chocolate wrapped around all-natural, organic creams and fresh-pressed fruits. Your Chocolate Moonshine bars have been hand-painted with French cocoa butter, so they are truly a work of art. They are gluten-free and made without wheat or eggs. Chocolate Moonshine bars are enjoyed around the world, and we are delighted they have made it to your home! Find Chocolate Moonshine Company behind the indoor Farmers Market on Historic Main Street in Downtown Grapevine.

  • JudyPie, United States

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      Enjoy something sweet at Judy Pie in Grapevine. All of their baked good are made from scratch, each and every day. Visitors will always find a selection of pies that will always be available, including a selection of seasonal favorites that will delight patrons all year long. "Where there is hope, there is pie, and there is always pie."

  • Dr Sue's Chocolate, United States

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      Dr. Sue is a practicing physician on a mission to inspire people to a healthier lifestyle through all-natural dark chocolate. Dr. Sue's Chocolate believes all-natural chocolate offers a richly decadent yet more healthful and beneficial confection. She emphasizes the importance of premium quality, all-natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. With our emphasis on community-based wellness education, together we can motivate good dietary and life choices. We donate to dozens of local charities annually and take an active role in supporting our community. Dr. Sue's Chocolate is chocolate you'll feel good about eating!

  • Kilwins Grapevine, United States

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      Delicious chocolates and sweet treats await. Stop by for tasty ice cream, chocolates, fudge and specialty confections.

  • Rocket Fizz Grapevine, United States

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      This retro candy store includes packaged candy, saltwater taffy, glass-bottled sodas, tin signs, gags, gifts, and other nostalgic vintage Americana throwbacks.

  • Main Line Coffee Bar, United States

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      Main Line is the perfect place to enjoy craft coffee drinks and locally-sourced pastries and other products. From ice cream to freshly made pastries, as well as boozy coffee and milkshakes, Main Line offers a delicious array of treats for the entire family. Set inside Harvest Hall, a European-style food hall featuring seven kitchens, two bars, and a venue for live entertainment, Main Line has you covered for coffee and sweets on the go. For business meetings or just catching up with good friends old or new, Harvest Hall offers the perfect space for that coffee shop vibe. Finally, Main Line is located in a contemporary building built to look like an old-time train station and is situated directly in front of Grapevine's Vintage Railroad.

  • Brew & Batter, United States

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      Brew & Batter is a locally owned, stand-alone house that loves to serve good coffee! Not to mention their waffles, Brew & Batter's menu changes about once a month, so there is always something new. There are two bases of waffles, one is cornbread and one is the liege waffle, more of a European waffle, made with yeast and in-house every day! All the drinks come with a base of oat milk but you can find oat milk alternatives here as well.

  • Warhammer Store & Cafe, United States

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      Gamers get ready. At 4,000 square feet, Grapevine's Warhammer Store & Cafe by Games Workshop is the largest Warhammer location in North America with space for 20 playing tables. Major brands are Warhammer Age of Sigmar, an epic fantasy setting, and Warhammer 40,000, a grim-dark, futuristic universe. Warhammer Stores are dedicated to introducing people to the hobby and offer everyone a free model and painting lesson. Every customer is also offered the chance to play an exciting introductory game using the store’s expertly painted models and gaming boards. Customers will also be able to purchase locally supplied coffee and pastries. 616 S. Main St.

  • Main Street Bistro & Bakery, United States

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      Located on Historic Main Street, this bakery and café is home to award-winning pastries, breakfast items, soups, salads, sandwiches, breads and more. Make sure to try the almond croissant! Now serving dinner, Tuesday-Sunday, featuring farm to table.

  • RE:defined Coffee House, United States

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      Redefined Coffee House is a place where you can participate in the community and enjoy great coffee. You can meet your clients, friends or families with the great "living room" experience. Not just a coffee house, but a home!

  • Palace Arts Center, United States

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      On the beautiful brick interior walls of the Lancaster Theatre, visitors can find an ever-changing variety of beautiful works of art in media ranging from photography to paintings to sculpture. Many of the works on display are available for purchase. The gallery features the work of local and regional artists on a bimonthly rotation.

  • Movement Grapevine, United States

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      Rock Climbing at Movement Grapevine is a top-rope, lead climbing and bouldering facility located in Grapevine, TX, very close to the DFW airport. This is the very first Summit location. Built in 2001, this gym was acquired by its current owners in 2009. The facility offers approximately 6,000 square feet of 32-foot-tall top-rope and lead climbing walls, and approximately 2,000 square feet of bouldering, plus an in-house yoga studio with regular classes.

  • The Escape Game Grapevine, United States

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      The Escape Game is located in Grapevine Mills and is DFW's #1 escape room and immersive adventure. As a premier provider of escape rooms, The Escape Game's adventures play like Hollywood blockbusters with twists, turns, and jaw-dropping surprises around every corner. Their 60-minute adventures bring epic stories to life in a one-of-a-kind tactile experience. You and your team will work together to find clues, overcome challenges, and ultimately complete a mission. Escaping will require teamwork, communication, wits, a sense of adventure, and most importantly: YOU!

  • The Grapevine Escape, United States

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      The escape rooms at The Grapevine Escape are exciting entertainment experiences centered around team building, time management, critical thinking and problem-solving. The rooms introduce players into themed situations where the goal is the same - solve challenges in record time and win the game before time runs out. Teamwork means success and individual contribution is paramount.

  • Crush It! Sports Lounge, United States

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      The place to play your favorite virtual sports, munch on some great food and sip some tasty drinks all under a climate-controlled, fun, and exciting social environment.

  • Golf Galaxy in Grapevine, United States

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      Golf Galaxy is a 42,000-square-foot golfer's paradise and includes a putting green, nine hitting bays and an indoor driving range. Golf Galaxy offers comprehensive services and interactive features that make you a better player.

  • Corky's Gaming Bistro, United States

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      Experience the thrill of throwing an axe at Corky’s! Enjoy being in a fun urban setting with your friends and family where in between turns you can drink, eat and socialize. Corky's Gaming Bistro in Grapevine has something for everyone!