21 Questions with TravelCon Founder Matt Kepnes

Matt Kepnes, AKA, Nomadic Matt. If you aren’t familiar with him already — get on our level. Matt is a serial nomad, OG travel blogger, NYT best-selling author, and founder of TravelCon: a conference designed help up-and-comers learn how to develop profitable and sustainable careers in the travel industry. I recently had the opportunity to […]

Things to Do in Puerto Rico Beyond San Juan

Puerto Rico: one island, endless possibilities. While the tourist destination of San Juan gets a lot of hype, there’s far more to Puerto Rico than meets the eye. No matter what kind of traveler you are, the island serves up good vibes year round. Want to catch a wave? Lounge on the beach? Get a […]

11 Types of People You’ll Date While Traveling

Listen, Benjamin the Beefcake Bachelor: I’ve met you eighteen times in eleven different countries, and I’m simply not going to fall for your flirtatious fanfare anymore. Travelers, you know who I’m talking about. Whether you’re dealing with beefcake bachelors or wayward wanderers, it’s safe to say dating abroad adds a highly unique element to an […]

10 of the Best Theme Park Food & Wine Festivals 2021

If you’ve been avoiding theme park vacations because you aren’t into princesses or tripping over toddlers all day, these theme park food and wine festivals might be enough to change your mind. Offering unexpected and unquestionably more grown-up menus, these festivals bring upscale dishes and swanky libations into the world of corn dogs and soft […]

41 of the Best Things to Do in Italy

Oh, Italy— you boot-shaped beauty, you. With your pizza-spinning chefs, OTT hand gestures, truffle-scented tagliatelle and creamy gelato, there’s really nowhere else that can match. From north to south, you range from ice-capped Dolomites covered in snow to wave-lapped pebble coves baked in 80-degree sun. And between the two…well…let’s just say it’s a panini sandwich […]

How Are Travel Influencers Adapting To Life in Quarantine? We Chatted With Marie Fe & Jake Snow To Find Out

Coronavirus-induced trip cancellations are a royal pain for anyone —but when the act of traveling is your livelihood, stay-at-home restrictions are more than your average waiting game. Like everyone else, travel influencers are finding themselves at a shocking standstill as borders shut and quarantine measures squash vagabond pursuits worldwide. So, what’s a travel influencer to […]


Hang Loose in Imsouane: Morocco’s Magic Bay

We drove up from the south along a cliff-top stretch of Moroccan coastline. The scenery rolled along, wild and windswept, peppered only by grazing camels, who seemed to make no note of their ocean views. There was little to marvel at—save for some especially dexterous tree-climbing goats— until, without warning, the cliffs dropped off into […]


What Research Tells Us About How, When Coronavirus Might End

The World Health Organization, worldwide governments, and healthcare security agencies are halting travel as we continue to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Although current travel bans just apply to trips scheduled during the first half of the year, collective panic and worldwide chaos are causing travelers to seriously rethink their longterm travel plans. When vacations are […]

Top 9 Day Trips From Melbourne, Australia

Eclectic sprawls of laneway graffiti and the exuberant fast pace of Melbourne’s central business district (CBD for short) are enough to keep you enthralled for weeks on end. If you’re anything like me though, after the 37,257th crowded city tram you’ll find yourself craving some sweet, sweet middle-of-nowhere nature to contrast the city’s unfettering buzz. […]

The Best Festivals For Black Travelers 2021

Community and Blackness go hand-in-hand. Simply put, it’s not easy living in a world where your culture is constantly appropriated and commodified without credit. As a response, we’ve collectively begun carving out spaces of boldness and Blackness designed by us, for us. While Black travel groups and inspiring Black travel bloggers bring us together, there’s nothing […]

Coronavirus & Self-Isolation: The Seeker Team’s Top Lockdown Tips

This time of year, the team at Seeker is usually movin’ and groovin’: jet-setting, crossing new spots off our bucket lists, attending conferences, and planning blow-out events. But when the Coronavirus brought our big 2020 dreams to a screeching halt, we were forced to plant our feet on the ground, refocus, and slow the heck down. […]

These Are the Best Travel Books, According to 9 Travel Experts

As the world stands still and borders close, now is definitely not the time for travel. We’re all doing our part to keep those around us safe—wearing masks and social distancing— but we also want to be riding tuk-tuks down dusty tracks, meeting new friends, and drinking sundowners on paradise beaches. While leaving the house […]