7 Travelers Share Their Wildest International Love Stories

Flirty foreign flings, intense vacationships, and delicious eye contact with attractive strangers at 30,000 feet: folks, we can’t make this sh*t up. There’s really nothing like falling for someone — whether for 6 hours or a lifetime — when you’re already jittery with excitement over being somewhere completely new. It’s pretty much the icing on […]

15 of the Best Yoga Shalas in Bali

Bali provides a wonderful mash-up of traditional Balinese Hinduism and new-age yoga culture. Where else can you sign up for a high-intensity aerial yoga class, down a green smoothie, and then head to join locals taking part in a traditional religious ceremony? Home to dozens of yoga shalas (AKA, studios) that are just as unique […]

Utah’s National Parks: Ranked

Now more than ever, national parks offer a much-needed breath of fresh air. Author, Arches National Park Ranger, and environmental advocate Edward Abbey said it best: “We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope.” The US state that Abbey himself escaped to? Well, that would be Utah, of course. Utah boasts […]

25 of the Best Things to Do in Pakistan

Pakistan: the land of magnificent mountains and landscapes, an endless array of culinary magic, the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, glittering shrines, 400-year-old forts, and then some. The infrequently-visited South Asian nation is blessed in so many aspects, yet still remains free from the annoyances of mass tourism. To travel in Pakistan is to enter […]

Big Bend National Park: The Complete Guide for 2021

At Big Bend National Park, expect to experience vast stretches of desert, stony mountain peaks framed against a pitch-black night sky, and towering canyon walls that look like they’ve come straight out of the Lord of the Rings. Part of Big Bend’s charm comes from its isolation. With the closest major city nearly 5 hours […]

The Best Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2021

On May 5, 1862, Mexico celebrated a history-making victory over France in the Battle of Puebla. This win was a source of great pride for Mexico— and for those of Mexican descent around the world. It’s believed that Cinco de Mayo was first celebrated in America just one year later in 1863, and today, it’s […]

Earth Day: 101 Ways to Travel Responsibly

Here at Seeker, we believe that every day is Earth Day, and that respecting the planet is about making small, simple changes. We believe that sustainable travel isn’t about giving something up, but about gaining: knowledge, history, respect, love, creativity. We believe that change starts now, with us, and that everyone can make a difference. Want […]

10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Eco Lodges & Resorts

Travel is a life-changing experience, and today, we’re fortunate that even the most remote corners of the globe are available to visit. We’re traveling so much, in fact, that the tourism industry has grown to the point where it now contributes to 9% of the global GDP and 8% of world employment. With over 250 […]

The Top 420 Friendly States: Ranked 2021

Spring is in full swing, which means summer fun is just around the corner. For most travelers, spring’s arrival means more than April showers and blooming flowers. For adventurous cannabis users, spring is the season of jet-setting to warm-weather weed friendly travel destinations, festivals, and wild 420 events. In the last decade, the number of […]

11 of the Coolest Waterfalls in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are packed with natural gems. From golden emerald green mountain ranges and black sand beaches to blue swimming holes and cascading waterfalls, Hawaii lives up to its reputation as an island paradise. The coolest waterfalls in Hawaii are found on all of the major islands. You can visit the well-known ‘Akaka Falls […]

The Best Art Museums & Galleries in Tokyo

As you explore the winding roads of Tokyo—small alleyways lined with lanterns, bustling walkways beneath neon signs, gardens dotted with cotton-candy pink cherry blossom trees—you’re bound to stumble upon some of the best art in the city. Tokyo has an abundance of world-class art museums and galleries, featuring everything from cutting-edge, contemporary exhibits to ancient […]


23 Unique Things to Do in Orlando

When you think about Orlando, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the world famous theme park that calls this city home (hey, Disney). Don’t get us wrong: the parks are definitely fun and worth a visit. But there are also a host of local, hidden experiences just steps away from rollercoasters and […]