11 of the Most Unique UK Festivals for 2021

The UK has bad rap for being stuffy and overly serious. But UK culture isn’t just confined to tea, royal weddings, and crumpets (thank goodness). Fantastic, fun, and totally bizarre, the UK’s weirdo festivals are at the heart of its history and culture. They’ll mostly amaze and charm you. Sometimes they’ll totally confuse you. But […]

Coronovirus Cancels Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day Parades. Here’s What to Expect in 2021

We’re bummed too. As of Monday night, Ireland’s Prime Minister announced that all parades and festivals for St. Patrick’s Day would either be canceled or delayed due to growing coronavirus concerns. We’re still celebrating in spirit (probably with even more green beer—just from the comfort of our homes). Snag your flights for 2021 while they’re […]