One Perfect Day in Salt Lake City

Emma Lee

Utah is famous for having stunning natural beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Thousands of visitors flock to the south of the state to drive through Zion National Park, hike in the iconic Arches National Park, or skydive over Moab’s red rock. Salt Lake City, the state’s capital, is often overlooked by travelers but that needs to change. This charming city sparks the perfect balance between bustling city life and relaxing nature. Hike through the Wasatch Mountains, sample the city’s unique international cuisine, ski in the "greatest snow on earth", and explore historical landmarks– Salt Lake City has something for everyone. Here's how to spend one perfect day in the Beehive state's capital from a native Utahn who has visited SLC hundreds of times!

Tags: Exploring, History, Landmarks

  • Bonneville Salt Flats, United States

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      Bonneville Salt Flats, the largest salt flats in the US, is the perfect place to end your day in Salt Lake City. The colors of the sunset reflect perfectly off the crystalized surface of the salt flats, creating otherworldly photo opportunities.

  • Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City, United States

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      Another popular spot in Temple Square is the historic Assembly Hall. This building stands out because of its Gothic-Victorian style featuring stained glass and tall white spires. Today, the hall is a popular classical concert venue. Outside of the hall is a 780- pound bell that was transported from Illinois to Utah by wagon!

  • Beehive House in Salt Lake City, United States

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      The Beehive House was the home of Brigham Young, leader of the first group of settlers in Utah and 2nd president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This beautiful, historic home is reminiscent of Southern architecture with its large porches, tall pillars, and beautiful gardens. It’s named after the beehive sculpture sitting on top of the house.

  • Red Iguana in Salt Lake City, United States

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      Few restaurants are more beloved in Salt Lake than the Red Iguana. This darling family-owned restaurant serves the BEST Mexican food in the valley (and dare I say, the whole state?). Red Iguana’s signature mole, chilaquiles, mahi mahi tacos, and pozole are some of the top menu items to try.

  • Salt Lake Utah Temple in Salt Lake City, United States

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      Google Salt Lake City and the first image to come up will no doubt be the Salt Lake Temple. Salt Lake’s history is deeply ingrained in the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as Mormons). Built in 1853 by early settlers of Utah, the Salt Lake temple is one of the church’s most important religious sites. Oh, and it totally looks like a fairytale castle.

  • Temple Square in Salt Lake City, United States

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      The Salt Lake Valley was first settled when Brigham Young and roughly 13,000 others arrived in search of a safe haven from religious persecution. These settlers built the city from the ground up, including Salt Lake’s iconic Temple Square which hosts the city’s most important historical and religious landmarks. No trip to SLC would be complete without a visit here!

  • Thirst Drinks in Salt Lake City, United States

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      No, Brass Monkey isn’t the name of some Utah rock band– it’s a Mountain Dew mixed with peach, orange and cream. “Do you want to go get a soda?” is a common phrase in Utah. But in Utah, soda doesn’t mean a fountain drink from McDonald’s. No, no, sodas here are an artform! Fruit purees, flavored syrups and creams are added to sodas to create an addicting beverage that every visitor to Utah must try at least once!

  • Hruska's Kolaches in Salt Lake City, United States

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      Salt Lake City has earned quite the reputation for having an excellent international food scene. Here you can find cuisine from all over the world from Peru to Thailand and everywhere in between. One popular breakfast spot in the city is Hruska’s Kolaches which serves fresh Czech pastries that were popularized in Texas. Go classic and pick up a strawberry kolache or branch out with the blue cheese and mushroom pastry!