Most Beautiful Places I have Been!

Marika Devan

Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with and there is just so much beauty in the world to see! Here are my favorite places to experience the beauty this world has to offer. #seekerchallenge

Whidbey Island, Yosemite National Park, Blue Mountains, Krka National Park, Minca, Nanaimo, Olympic National Park, Åland Islands

  • Whidbey Island in Washington, United States

    Image of Whidbey Island on Seeker
    • clumsygirltravels

      Whidbey Island is an awesome weekend getaway. There is a ton to do from wine tasting to eating the freshest seafood and shopping fo high quality and local products

  • Yosemite National Park, United States

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    • clumsygirltravels

      I think everyone knows about Yosemite National Park! It's one of the most popular & beautiful National Parks and I highly recommend visiting if you are in California.

  • Blue Mountains, Australia

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    • clumsygirltravels

      A short ride from Sydney is the Blue Mountains. Easily one of the prettiest places in New South Wales.

  • Krka National Park, Croatia

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    • clumsygirltravels

      Krka get very crowded during peak season, but if you find yourself i Croatia, you absolutely have to go! The best way to see Krka is walking the designated path to see all the waterfalls and then going for a dip in the water.

  • Minca, Colombia

    Image of Minca on Seeker
    • clumsygirltravels

      Minca offers so much. It's the starting point of a very intense trek, but for someone that doesn't hike like myself, I had no issues finding things to do. They have coffee and chocolate farms to tour, waterfalls to swim in and the 2nd largest hammock. It's in the middle of no where and the closest airport is 45 minutes away but most of the places offer transfers and when you get there, you can ride on the back of a motor bike to get around!

  • Nanaimo, Canada

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    • clumsygirltravels

      Nanaimo is a tiny town in Canada and getting there provides beautiful views of the surrounding area.

  • Olympic National Park in Washington, United States

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    • clumsygirltravels

      If hiking and greenery is your thing than Olympic National Park would be prefect for you! There is so much to do, you could easily spend several days exploring.

  • Åland Islands

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    • clumsygirltravels

      I have been to Åland countless times and it's the perfect getaway from Sweden or Finland. It's just a ferry ride away!