Georgia (the country!) Bucket List

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These are the places you can't miss when you visit this cute Caucasian country.

Ureki, Borjomi, Telavi, Tsinandali Estate, Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, Ushguli, Martvili Canyon, Kutaisi, Batumi, Mestia, Tbilisi

  • Ureki, Georgia

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      Although Batumi is the most popular seaside town, the beaches of Ureki and Magnetiti are so much better! You'll find a lot of locals here enjoying the magnetic black sand beaches, which are rumored to have healing properties.

  • Borjomi, Georgia

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      This resort town is home to the old Romanov Palace and Georgia's most famous mineral water, aptly named Borjomi. You can drink the spring water straight from the source in the sprawling Borjomi Central Park and then enjoy a long walk through the grounds.

  • Telavi, Georgia

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      Georgia's famous for its ancient winemaking traditions and the best place to enjoy Georgian wine is in the region of Kakheti! The city of Telavi is a beautiful place to base your trip as you enjoy day drinking in local wineries and wander through the old city. Be sure to check out the fortress!

  • Tsinandali Estate, Georgia

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      This super cute estate was home to the noble Chavchavadze family. Drink fresh wine in the estate's little museum before enjoying a walk through the estate's beautifully landscaped gardens.

  • Lagodekhi Nature Reserve, Georgia

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      Enjoy some hiking in some of the country's most beautiful nature. Lagodekhi Nature Reserve has tons of great hiking trails!

  • Ushguli

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      Ushguli is the highest elevation village in Europe that is populated year-round. In the winter it's gorgeous in the snow and you get some great views of the country's highest mountain, Mount Skhara.

  • Martvili Canyon, Georgia

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      Martvili Canyon is a stunning natural feature. Take a chilled out boat ride along the river and soak up the sights.

  • Kutaisi in Kutaisi, Georgia

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      Kutaisi may not be the most amazing city in Georgia on its own, but you're likely to land here if you're arriving on a budget airline and it gives you great access to a ton of cool natural sites! Visit Prometheus Cave, cruise on a boat through Martvili Canyon, or take a hike through Okatse Canyon!

  • Batumi, Georgia

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      Georgia's seaside resort town is a must-see in the summer! Party at the beachfront clubs, play some games in the casinos, or just lounge on the beach!

  • Mestia, Georgia

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      This magical mountain town is home to the country's famous historical Swan Towers! Plus you can enjoy some great skiing in the winter and hike to Europe's highest elevation continually populated village, Ushguli!

  • Tbilisi in Tbilisi, Georgia

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      The capital city. Spend some time in the super cute old town when you're here and enjoy some of the country's fantastic wine!