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Seeker is on a mission to connect and inspire the world’s travelers. We produce engaging expert travel advice for people just like us: lifelong travelers passionate about new experiences.

Our Audience

  • Passion for travel (has visited 5+ countries).
  • Travels at least once per year.
  • Values experiences over possessions.
  • Interested in food, culture, adventure and convenience.
  • The bucket list traveler on a constant quest for new experiences.

What We Publish

We’re looking for a diverse team of freelance writers with extensive (and expert!) travel experience. What do we mean by expert?

  • Whether you’re covering a city, country or region: you know it inside and out.
  • Your perspective is unique and completely out of the box.
  • If we like your work, you’d love nothing more than to build out a region-specific content library with us.

Before submitting a piece or pitching us an idea, please check out our previously published work to get a good feel for our vibe. 

Here are some of our favorites and why:

The 10 Best Cities in Ireland to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Why we like it: Detailed, thorough, and filled with relevant links/‘pro tips’

Hidden Australian Beaches: 4 Best-Kept-Secret Destinations

Why we like it: If you make us laugh so hard we cry, we’ll probably want to publish you.

Beyond Hot Air Balloon Rides: 7 Unique Things to do in Cappadocia

Why we like it: This destination was made for Instagram. Two words: social & sharable.

A Nerd’s Guide to Tokyo: 17 of the Best Things to Do

Why we like it: A unique, expert spin on a hot travel destination.

Ready to pitch us?

Think that you might be a good fit? Send us a submission or pitch with the following attached:

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If we feel like you might be a good fit, our editorial team will be in touch to chat next steps.

Our Current Lineup

Seeker Bucket List: (11-30 map markers)

A list of things to do centered around a city, region, country or theme.  Examples :

Best Winter Vacations For People Who Love the Cold

The best winter vacations don’t have to be all about sunshine and beaches. There are plenty of ways to have an awesome winter getaway — even when the weather is below freezing! Grab your hat and gloves and enjoy the crisp winter cold in these five cities. All fjords are wonderful, but in Bergen, the […]

Tropical Destinations to Escape the Winter

Looking for stunning tropical destinations that won’t break the bank? Join the club. It seems like a truly Utopian dream: a tropical paradise that offers all the trimmings — minus all the exorbitant prices. Well, I’ve spent the last decade of my life chasing the dream (of living in a sarong on an idyllic stretch […]

The Best Cities for an Epic New Year’s Eve to Ring in 2021

Is it just us, or would skipping to New Year’s Eve be ideal right now? We’re already envisioning how wild this year’s end will be. There’s no denying that some cities around the world have a thing for NYE. Usually, a sensational backdrop and tons of fireworks do the trick, but there’s more to it than that. The best cities to celebrate NYE in […]

Ultimate Seeker Bucket List (Over 30 map markers):


A long-form list of things to do centered around a city, region, country or theme. Examples:

31 of the Best Things to Do in Montréal

Montréal may only be Canada’s second largest city, but its cool and eclectic mix of culture, history, and art make it the first stop on most curious and adventurous travelers’ bucket list. The city is on an island. Street signs and menus are in both English and French. The drinking age is 18. There are […]

45 of the Best Things To Do in Japan

Japan: one of the most fruitful (and beautiful) nations on Earth. While other travel destinations may have just a single city, mountain, museum, castle, or cuisine to draw travellers and tourists in, there are thousands of things to do in Japan. Plus some. There’s seriously no end to what Japan has to offer, and it’s possibly […]

The Best of Carnival 2021 Around the World

Thinking of heading to a Carnival in 2021, but not sure which one to choose? Here’s a run down of the most popular and interesting carnivals around the world, as well as how to know which carnival is perfect of each type of traveler. Best for: Lovers of Indigenous Dance Carnival 2021 Dates: January 10th […]

Expert Guide: Region

Expert advice on a city or region. List or narrative. Examples:

10 of the Best Rooftop Bars in Toronto

Deprived of the sun and warmth for six months or so each year, Toronto takes its spring and summer very seriously. Perhaps that’s why Torontonians are so energetic and full of life by the time the good weather finally rolls around. There’s no better way to enjoy summer in Toronto than from one of its […]

4 Magical Locations to Watch the Sunset in Barcelona

It’s universally understood that each city has its own sunset. As evening falls over, Barcelona is filled with a special kind of magic: the Catalan capital is one of the most photogenic cities on the planet, a statement that holds especially true when the sun begins the set and the sky is lit up with […]

Sydney City Tour: The Best Tour for Cyclists

One of the best ways to explore Sydney is on a bike. On two wheels, you can peek into the hidden nooks and crannies of the city and find some of its best treasures. This cycling Sydney city tour took me bridge-hopping past playthings of the rich and famous, transported me to quirky one-of-a-kind stores, […]

Expert Guide: Lifestyle

Expert advice on a style of travel (budget, backpacking, luxury, solo, etc). Examples:

Is Iceland Expensive? 7 Ways to Eat & Drink on the Cheap

It’s no secret that Iceland is an incredibly expensive country to travel to; Iceland is actually the 4th most expensive country in the world based on consumer price indexes, and a lot of that is due to those sky-high food costs. The average meal can be anywhere between $20-$40 per person and a coffee can […]

Sleeping in Airports? 5 Ways to Do It Like a Boss

Sleeping in airports should be considered a sport. Hell, for our purposes, it pretty much is. Maybe your flight got cancelled because of a monster snowstorm, you decided to take vouchers to be bumped from an oversold flight, or you have no concept of time and missed it altogether. Whatever your story is, one fact […]