The Best Places to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo 2021

On May 5, 1862, Mexico celebrated a history-making victory over France in the Battle of Puebla. This win was a source of great pride for Mexico— and for those of Mexican descent around the world. It’s believed that Cinco de Mayo was first celebrated in America just one year later in 1863, and today, it’s […]

Earth Day: 101 Ways to Travel Responsibly

Here at Seeker, we believe that every day is Earth Day, and that respecting the planet is about making small, simple changes. We believe that sustainable travel isn’t about giving something up, but about gaining: knowledge, history, respect, love, creativity. We believe that change starts now, with us, and that everyone can make a difference. Want […]

10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Eco Lodges & Resorts

Travel is a life-changing experience, and today, we’re fortunate that even the most remote corners of the globe are available to visit. We’re traveling so much, in fact, that the tourism industry has grown to the point where it now contributes to 9% of the global GDP and 8% of world employment. With over 250 […]

The Top 420 Friendly States: Ranked 2021

Spring is in full swing, which means summer fun is just around the corner. For most travelers, spring’s arrival means more than April showers and blooming flowers. For adventurous cannabis users, spring is the season of jet-setting to warm-weather weed friendly travel destinations, festivals, and wild 420 events. In the last decade, the number of […]

11 Illuminated Landmarks Around the World

The lights are bright on Broadway….and so many other places in the world. From neon-lit ice castles to public squares with glowing trees, the world’s illuminated landmarks are so bright that you may have to wear shades— even at night. A century ago, colorful, chromatic neon started crowding the night sky, creatively persuading passersby to […]

A Complete Guide to Chasing Cheddar at the Gloucester Cheese Roll

There I crouched, on what seemed to be the edge of oblivion. My friend Nicko was beside me, though he seemed half a world away. My eyes focused into tunnel vision, seeing meadow, more meadow, then empty space. Complete and absolute nothingness. Sloping down at an absurd angle, the meadow left only air where in […]

Traveling While Young, Female, and Black: Across 5 Different Countries

Traveling is difficult! Everyone can relate to that. Hotel bookings, transportation planning, itinerary making, and *shudders* budgeting can easily add stress to even the dreamiest getaway. But now think about all of that on top of this: spending days on end researching how a place might treat you based on the amount of melanin in […]

33 of the Luckiest Places in the World

It’s time to get lucky. Travelers in search of health, wealth, and happiness have dozens of destinations to choose from in their quest for good luck. From statues and fountains to temples and natural wonders, luck comes in all shapes and sizes. As luck would have it, we traveled to 33 of the luckiest places in […]

8 Purple Travel Destinations For Your Bucket List

Can’t talk right now — we’re doing cartwheels in France’s fragrant lavender fields and running around futuristic, purple-hued parks in Singapore. It’s a lifestyle, ya know? But for real, once you see some of the world’s best purple travel destinations, you’ll want to switch that vacation responder on and bask in the magic of magenta. […]

21 of the Most Romantic Lake Resorts Around the World

Brace yourself: you’re about to get lost in brilliant blue waters, beautiful high peaks, and lush emerald forests. Whether you dream of exploring Patagonia’s other-worldly landscapes, trekking alongside lions in Africa, or relaxing in European hot pools with majestic mountains jutting across the skyline, these top lake resorts promise the perfect balance of rest, romance, […]

9 Blue Travel Destinations For Your Bucket List

We promise you won’t get the blues from any of these destinations. But you will have to endure a few cheesy puns… sorry not sorry. Blue villages, blue caves, blue sinkholes that look like they’re straight out of the movie Jaws — our world is teeming with sapphire splendor, and the ocean is just the […]

14 Green Travel Destinations For Your Bucket List

“Are they talking about sustainability or what?”  —Most people, before reading this introduction.  No folks, we’re talking about literally green places— although it makes sense that the two usually go hand-in-hand. From rainforests and misty pine tree-covered wonderlands to emerald-colored palaces and living, breathing skyscrapers, “green travel” brings an impressive amount of beauty. Buckle up […]