Sarah Lempa

Chicago, USA

The Best Places to Visit in Vietnam from North to South

Vietnam might be a geographically narrow country, but there’s certainly nothing easy about narrowing down your decision on which spots to visit. With nearly 1,000 miles from the top to the bottom, this Southeast Asian country is filled with beautifully chaotic cities, towering limestone mountains, and absurd amounts phở whenever your heart desires. Vietnam’s northernmost […]

10 Ways to Travel the World for (Nearly) Free

In a world of 5-star resorts, private shuttles, and business class, we’ve been conditioned to think that travel is always going to break the bank. There’s a space for budget travelers (folks who like to travel on the cheap), but have you ever pondered how to kick it up a notch and really save money, […]

Travel Doesn’t Always Need to be “Instagrammable,” and You Should Embrace That

In a world of picture-perfect feeds, apartments created just for Instagram, and a whole lot of selfie taking, it’s safe to say people have social media on the brain while they’re traipsing the globe. It fosters a sense of connection while we’re far away and allows us to share our most exciting moments with new […]

Getting Hygge With It: 5 of the Coziest Cafés in Copenhagen

Copenhagen manages to be incredibly trendy, cozy, and welcoming all at the same time. The Copenhagen café scene is unmatched, hosting unsuspecting shop fronts dotting the streets all across the city. With the unpredictable weather, you may find yourself craving some rest and relaxation during a light rain storm. Luckily, the Danish capital has you […]

Chasing Glow Worms in Te Anau, New Zealand

The quaint, relaxed town of Te Anau is situated on the appropriately named Lake Te Anau, right next to New Zealand’s famed Fjordland National Park. And trust us, you’re going to want to tack this village of glass-still waters and frequently snow-capped mountains onto your travel bucket list. Why? There’s one thing that sets Te […]

Sleeping in Airports? 5 Ways to Do It Like a Boss

Sleeping in airports should be considered a sport. Hell, for our purposes, it pretty much is. Perhaps your flight got cancelled because of a monster snowstorm, or you decided to take vouchers to be bumped from an oversold flight. Whatever your story is, one fact rings true: you are a citizen of the airport for […]

6 Activities For an Unreal Day in Huacachina, Peru

You would be remiss to visit Peru without a day trip to the lively desert oasis of Huacachina. This intriguing destination is just west of the city of Ica, and about five hours south of Lima. If you envision yourself sipping on a pisco sour in front of a chilled-out blue lagoon nestled in towering […]