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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland 2023

Gina Meixner

Minneapolis, USA

On St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland is in the full-on party spirit with light displays, concerts, aerial shows, workshops and more. Here are the 10 best cities in Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (IRL and virtually).

Dublin St. Patrick’s Day 2023

By a landslide, Dublin has the most tourist traffic on St. Patrick’s Day. Before COVID-19, more than half of Ireland’s entire population traveled to Dublin for the country’s largest parade and street festival. Festival 2023 will be a landmark celebration, the largest in scale and ambition to date, attracting over 80 million people across the world—virtually and IRL. If you dig day drinking and feeling perfectly lost in a sea of cheerful people (we’re talking like, so so many people), then Dublin is a must-add to your St. Patrick’s Day bucket list.

Highlights: Watching the parade, soaking up the good vibes at the infamous Temple Bar (or just standing outside, because goooood luck!), and drinking a Guinness, because, well, when in Rome Dublin.

Pro tip: Book everything in advance. Festival events, restaurants and hotels will be swamped with both locals and tourists. Traveling last minute? Hit the parade, but then head outside of city-center for drinks and sleep.

How to celebrate in 2023: The world-famous St. Patrick’s Festival Parade in Dublin takes place on Friday, March 17th 2023 at 12pm.

Cork St. Patrick’s Day 2023

As Ireland’s second largest city by population, Cork brings a big game for St. Patrick’s Day. Cork’s signature parade is electric and community-oriented, featuring nearly 3,000 dancers, musicians, street performers, and special guests from across the city. Compared to Dublin, Cork’s festivities are a bit more palatable for the low-key traveler, so head to Cork for an enthusiastic, but family-friendly, St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Highlights: Stuffing your face with epic street food at Cork’s pop-up festival market and then watching 11,000 multi-colored balls roll down St. Patrick’s hill to help raise money for the Cork Lion’s Club City Centre Defibrillator Project.

Pro tip: Cork is home to both Jameson and Murphy’s, so this is a great spot if you’re into tastings.

How to celebrate in 2023: This year, the Cork St. Patrick’s Festival takes place March 16th- March 19, 2023. The parade theme is TBD!

Galway St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Okay, you may just know of Galway from its famous namesake songs, “Galway Girl”, but this seaside city in Ireland is seriously cool and definitely deserves recognition outside of Steve Earle and Ed Sheeran. Galway’s parade will feature an array of community, cultural, sporting and international groups, including Ireland’s pioneering spectacle theatre company, Macnas.

Highlights: Cheering as Galway’s iconic fountain in Eyre Square turns green, enjoying a special outdoor classic Irish movie screening at the famous Spanish Arch, and hitting the pub scene on Quay Street.

Pro tip: Galway is located right on the water. The morning after your night on the town, soothe that headache with a stroll along Galaway Bay. Everyone knows that the best cure for a hangover is a good coffee and some fresh ocean breeze.

Armagh St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Inside Saint Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Armagh, Northern IrelandArtur Nagalski /
Inside Saint Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Armagh, Northern IrelandArtur Nagalski /

When we get down to it, St. Patrick’s day is a religious holiday, so why not celebrate in the heart of it all? When St. Patrick first visited the city in Ireland, Armagh, he called it his “sweet hill”, and founded his first church in 445AD. Today, Armagh celebrates with a whole week of festivities, including historical tours, a vigil the night before, and two parades. But don’t be fooled, just because Armagh emphasizes the religious part of the holiday doesn’t mean there is a shortage of pubs where you can score a cold drink (or three).

Highlights: Waking up at 5:30am to watch the sunrise at Navan Centre & Fort and taking a tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Pro tip: You totally don’t have to be religious to enjoy the beauty of Armagh. If services aren’t your thing, take a walk through Gosford Forest Park or head to a local pub for a traditional Irish feast.

How to celebrate in 2023: TBD

Killarney St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Upping the fun-level by a zillion is Killarny, the sweet city in Ireland that picks a new theme for its parade each year (psssst: 2023’s theme is “Killarny Experienc More,” which celebrates Killarny’s beauty all year round). Killarney will give you all the Irish spirit you want, but with significantly less crowds. Get ready for street dancing, themed lake cruises, treasure hunts, and castles that turn bright green.

Highlights: Scoring tickets to Celtic Steps: a traditional Irish music, song and dance show and hiking in the Killarney National Park.

Pro tip: Have some extra time and want to explore? See all of Killarney by way of bus, horse & carriage, and boat on the Killarney Day tour.

How to celebrate in 2023: Visit for the parade on March 17th, or swing through town anytime from March 5th to March 28th to see local buildings will illuminated in festive green.

Dingle St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Each year, Dingle is the very first city in Ireland to ring in St. Patrick’s Day as the Dingle Fife and Drum Band takes to the street at 6am. Now that’s commitment. Located in the Dingle Peninsula and absolutely stunning, Dingle is a small and charming town where local community takes precedent over huge celebrations. If you’re seeking a quiet, family-oriented St. Patrick’s Day escape, Dingle is your place.

Highlights: Taking a tour at the Dingle Distillery and finding your inner child at Dingle Oceanworld (a surprisingly huge aquarium located on Dingle Harbor)

Pro Tip: Dingle isn’t too far from Skellig Michael (about a 3 hour journey) if you like ruins. Or Star Wars. Just saying…

Belfast St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Parade in Belfast, Ireland.
Parade in Belfast, Ireland.

Belfast celebrates St. Patrick’s day with a colorful carnival parade that fills the city with vibrant energy and music. You can literally feel the good vibes as music runs through your body and enormous floats, street performers in magnificent costumes, and global musicians parade on by.

Highlights: Dancing the afternoon away at Belfast’s free open air concert and spending the day at the world’s largest, interactive Titanic museum.

Pro tip: The St. Patrick’s Day concert at Custom House Square is free, but entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. Guarantee that you’ll get your groove on by showing up a little early (there will be a line at the gates).

How to celebrate in 2023: TBD!

Waterford St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Waterford Parade, Waterford, Ireland. DigiCol Photography & Media Productions via
Waterford Parade, Waterford, Ireland. DigiCol Photography & Media Productions via

The oldest city in Ireland, Waterford City, was the first spot to declare St. Patrick’s Day a national holiday.  In 1903, Waterford Corporation decided that the 17th should be a city-wide holiday, and they suspended business for the entire day.  And this was before St Patrick’s Day was a national holiday in Ireland. That’s right. They go hard. These days, Waterford celebrates with a traditional parade, music, concerts and street performances.

Highlights: Visiting the House of Waterford Crystal (awarded ‘Best Ireland’s Ancient East Tourism Experience’) and exploring the city’s surprising vast viking scene.

Pro tip: Want to drink beer while someone else drives you around? Sign up for the Waterford Beer Tour: a seriously cool way to learn about Irish history while stopping in 6 of Waterford’s best local pubs for snacks and drinks.

How to celebrate in 2023: TBD!

Kilkenny St. Patrick’s Day 2023

With a theme so sweet that it’ll melt your heart (“Bring back the bees”), Kilkenny’s 2019 St. Patrick’s Day festivities can’t be beat. This cute city in Ireland’s long, celebratory day is filled with colorful parades, hands-on music workshops, live music, street food and carnival rides that will leave you buzzing.

Highlights: Spinning with excitement, literally, at the vintage funfair (an old school carnival with carousel, helter-skelter and chair-o-planes), exploring the James Stephens Barracks museum free open day, and rocking out to a free show by The Joshua Tree (Ireland’s very own U2 cover band. Yes, you heard me).

Pro tip: Go for St. Patrick’s day, stay for Kilkenny Tradfest: a spectacular music festival that showcases the very best in Irish trad and folk music in stunning venues all around the city, like Kilkenny Castle.

How to celebrate in 2023: TBD!

Limerick St. Patrick’s Day 2023

Limerick’s parade features thousands of participants. 2019’s out-of-this-world theme: One Giant Leap, was in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s Moon Landing. “The concept of One Giant Leap reflects the unprecedented, transformative and dynamic revitalisation that Limerick is undergoing, made possible by ambitious plans, self-belief and a collection of small and giant leaps by communities, organisations and individuals.”

Highlights: Listening to over 1,300 talented marching band musicians compete at the Limerick International Band Championship, cozying up for the fireworks at the Sarsfield Bridge, and touring the Museum of Moon: a pop-up art installation that fuses lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound.

Pro tip:  Want to see the rest of the city but tired of walking? Hop on Limerick’s 40-meter panoramic ferris wheel (giving you 360 degree views across Limerick’s skyline).

How to celebrate in 2023: Limerick St. Patrick’s Festival makes a welcome return to the city streets from 17th to 19th March 2023. The Limerick St. Patrick’s Festival will include the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Friday 17th March, the Limerick International Band Championship taking place this year on Sunday 19th March and a host of other family-friendly events.