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Kichijoji: A Weekend in Tokyo’s Trendy Neighborhood

The artsy neighborhood of Kichijoji is one the coolest off-the-beaten-path destinations to explore in Tokyo. Featuring boutique shopping, massive arcades, and a famous sprawling park complete with picture-perfect cherry blossom trees, Kichijoji has all the ingredients for a super fun weekend in the suburbs of Tokyo. If you’re seeking a trendy and laid-back trip spent […]

Japan’s Best Cherry Blossom Festivals for 2023

While you may have had the chance to spot cherry blossoms in the US, nothing beats cherry blossom season in Japan. Cherry blossom season, also known as the sakura or hanami flower-watching season, brings life and magic to Japan each spring. Admiring the flowers’ fleeting beauty is a practice that dates back over a thousand […]

The Best Art Museums & Galleries in Tokyo

As you explore the winding roads of Tokyo—small alleyways lined with lanterns, bustling walkways beneath neon signs, gardens dotted with cotton-candy pink cherry blossom trees—you’re bound to stumble upon some of the best art in the city. Tokyo has an abundance of world-class art museums and galleries, featuring everything from cutting-edge, contemporary exhibits to ancient […]

40 Free Things to Do in Tokyo

Tokyo! The city you’ve always wanted to visit, and now you’re finally going. But your mom read on the internet (Facebook) that Tokyo is “expensive,” and she’s concerned about you. She suggested packing some granola bars to offset the cost of food. She’s not entirely wrong. The overwhelming sentiment is that Tokyo, and Japan on […]

Tokyo on a Budget: 8 Places to Eat (Without Breaking the Bank)

So here’s the scoop: Japan is simultaneously one of the greatest food capitals of the world and also one of the most expensive when it comes to dining out. This can be daunting if you are exploring Tokyo on a budget (which is still traditional, local, and delicious, by the way). In Japan, the idea […]

45 of the Best Things To Do in Japan

Welcome to the captivating world of Japan, a country renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and unparalleled hospitality. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto, from the snowy peaks of Hokkaido to the tropical beaches of Okinawa, Japan offers an incredible array of experiences that will leave […]

A Nerd’s Guide to Tokyo: 15 of the Best Things to Do

Tokyo, more than any other city on Earth, is a golden land of nerd culture. So much of nerd fandom originated here (and boy does it show). From video games to anime, samurai to geisha, there is so much to explore, discover, and adore in nerdy Tokyo. Akihabara District (Accessible via the Yamanote, Chuo-Sobu, and […]

Places to see in Tokyo Beyond Shibuya Crossing

Neon lights everywhere, drunk salarymen stumbling in the streets, squishing yourself on the trains overflowing with hurried commuters, robots, steaming bowls of ramen, robots serving ramen — this is how everyone in the world views Tokyo — except those who’ve been there and found things to do in Tokyo outside of the city. Yep, Tokyo’s […]