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American girl who grew up in Scotland, Belgium, and Japan. I am obsessed with sustainable fashion and art and am always seeking out new coffee shops wherever I go.

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  • Places I Want To Go in 2022

    It's a fresh new year and this is officially my travel vision board. Feeling nostalgic for times past in 2022 I want to revisit some of the most important places I have traveled in my lifetime, and maybe check off a few new bucket list items. From Tokyo to Vancouver, this is my entirely personal 2022 travel wishlist that is sure to be added onto frequently.
  • Best Cities For Street Photography

    These cities are known globally for being some of the most impactful on fashion, art, and design- let's just say this list is for the photographers who might be having some "writer's block" per se. With an artsy atmosphere brimming throughout the streets, dynamic architecture, and an inspiring population- these destinations are easily some of the most visually stunning on the planet. Be sure to pack extra film, and have plenty of space on your memory card.
  • Legendary Donut Shops To Try in Montreal

    From classic chains to local joints bursting with creativity and sugary goodness- these staple donut spots throughout the city of Montreal are a must for any foodie. Enjoy neon colors, funky flavors, and just good old classic donuts- because Montreal has it all.
  • Cozy Corners Of Old Montreal

  • Quebec City Bucket List

    A true fairytale destination, Quebec city is steeped in history, French influence, and of course- poutine! An idyllic getaway city, I just had the most magical three-day trip exploring cobbled-stone pathways, munching on tasty Quebecois cuisine, and exploring historical buildings. From chateaus to quaint shopping streets, Quebec city is essential for foodies, history lovers, or francophiles looking for a breath of fresh air and cozy vibes for their next Canadian getaway. These are a few of my top picks from my stay there to inspire your journey.
  • Where To Go In Japan For The Onsen Experience

    The Onsen experience is one you just can't beat, natural steaming waters with healing properties in quaint villages surrounded by the beauty of Japanese nature- what could be a more relaxing experience? From up north in Hokkaido to Kobe- these prime tourist spots are brimming with authentic resorts, mouthwatering food, and outdoorsy fun. So what are you waiting for (other than the Japanese border to open for tourism)? Let's take a dip in some of the most famous Onsen cities throughout Japan.
  • Best Things To Do In Futako Tamagawa

    You may be planning your big Shibuya or Akihabara adventure, but what if you take the train a few stops further and explore this hidden gem neighborhood. Futako Tamagawa, or more casually known as "Nikotama" is a contemporary oasis of fine cuisine, high-end shopping, and stunning natural scenery. Explore the sprawling Hyogojima park, shop until you drop at the famous Nikotama Rise shopping center, or get lost in a comforting book with a cup of coffee at Tsutaya Electrics, whatever you seek to explore- Nikotama has the place.
  • Bars And Restaurants In NYC with Fall Themed Treats

    Nothing has the potential to warm the roughed-up heart of a New Yorker like a special pumpkin-flavored treat! The crisp air sinking in after humid summer days, and gorgeous fall foliage sweeping over Central Park are unbeatable. These stops throughout the city are for anyone looking for some fall-time cheer during their NYC adventure- spooky-themed restaurants, witchcraft & wizardry, spiced apple, and pumpkin- New York has it all. Let’s take a look at some of the most seasonal treats to try in the city this fall.
  • Where To See Fall Foliage In Tokyo

    Fall sweeps over Tokyo in a flurry of chestnut flavored desserts, heated vending machine drinks, and red-pigmented leaves dancing in a flurry throughout the city. In Japan the changing of seasons is significant, and the early signs of autumn leading into winter are to be cherished. Here are some gorgeous, sprawling city parks to explore while adventuring out in Tokyo. Take a breath away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan streets, and embrace the warm hues of red, orange, and yellow at these gorgeous destinations.
  • Coolest Places To Develop Film Around The World

    As someone obsessed with using film, I always have to look up the best and most reliable spots for development and printing in every city I visit. These are just a few cozy spots that stood out, diamonds in the rough, who provided excellent service and incredible quality. For those who are also obsessed with quality film development, or just looking to discover something new about the photography world, consider stopping by these off-the-beaten-path spots in some of the most exciting cities of the world on your next vacay.
  • Boutique Hotels In NYC

    Want to cozy up by a fireplace book in hand at a library-themed hotel? Or embrace a sparkling rooftop bar in the evening and embrace your inner social butterfly? Dream of waking up just minutes away from Broadway? We have selected some of New York’s finest boutique hotels that provide luxury, for all budgets, tucked away into some of the coolest spots of the city. Whether you are spending a fashionable weekend touring the boutiques of Soho or want to be in the heart of midtown, consider these adorable hotels for your next city adventure.
  • Best Things To Do In Toronto

    Toronto, Canada is the shimmering heart and soul of the country, with a diverse mixture of culture that is evident through the extensive variety of cuisine and shopping available. One of the most exciting cities in North America, Toronto has something for everyone. Including idyllic islands, gleaming skyscrapers, victorian homes full of funky thrift shopping, and one of the largest aquariums in the world- this is my personal list of the best things to do in Toronto.
  • Cool Down The Summer Heat: Chillingly Haunted Tokyo Destinations

    Nothing says Tokyo Summer like a good ghost story- the hot and humid days are believed to be best combated with chilling tales and haunted houses. In case you are looking for something to make your bones go icy and shiver, these spooky destinations across Tokyo city are sure to do the trick. Visit cursed graves, explore haunted castle ruins, and witness the birthplace of one of Japan’s most famous ghost stories of all time.
  • Best Nanaimo Bars In Canada

    Crunchy, creamy, and coconutty- Canada’s special Nanaimo bars are little slices of heaven. Surprisingly hard to find outside of the country, I have been making it my mission to sample them during my stay here. A true Canadian classic that is actually a *no-bake* pastry, it rivals that of apple pie and brownies. Here are some highly voted Nanaimo bar destinations across the country, I have not been able to sample them all yet personally- so consider this more of a bucket list type collection of my personal, Canadian aspirations.
  • Best Cafes in Montreal's Old Port

  • Artsy Things To Do in Le Plateau & Mile End

    The neighboring Plateau and Mile End neighborhoods of Montreal Island are easily described as the artsiest and most eclectic, ideal for any travelers looking for some creative energy in their adventures. As someone currently staying in these flourishing areas, who is always on the lookout for new activities and exhibitions, these are currently some of the top bucket list artsy destinations between the two. Whether you want to gallery hop and see some contemporary work, spend the day lost in thrift stores, or pick up some moody 35mm film- these are the sights to see.
  • Must Try Bubble Tea Spots in NYC

    This trendy and *normally served* icy beverage is my constant summer craving. Nothing quite says summer to me like sipping on a fruity tea full of sticky tapioca pearls while strolling around the city. NYC has no shortage of amazing boba spots imported from around the world to satisfy whatever you are craving- whether it's unique seasonal concoctions or just a good ol' milk tea with 50% ice and 50% sugar (well that's my go-to at least). Whether you are a picky boba aficionado or tapioca pears just aren't quite your thing, be sure to give these shops a chance because a lot of the items are highly customizable. Yes, that means you can get a milk tea sans boba at any of these spots.
  • Coolest Thrift Shops in Montreal

    Montreal thrift shopping is a glorious mixture of both cutting-edge and timelessly chic pieces that fit into the eclectic patchwork of the trendy city. From the thriving neighborhood of Mile End to the fashionable and young Plateau- here are some of the most iconic thrift shops that have made a name for themselves in the corners of these famous quarters. Spend the day lost in the magical world of lives past and get a taste of Montreal's unique and trend-setting fashion culture at these super cool thrift shops around the city.
  • Best Delivery Spots in Montreal For Your 14-Day Quarantine

    Anyone returning to Canada needs to follow all of the safety precautions- which means completing a mandatory 14-day quarantine. So if you flew into Montreal, you may not be able to visit Mont-Royal or the Old Port for a while, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the cities best treasure- yes, I am talking about food. Since beginning my quarantine period with my Quebecer boyfriend, we have been enjoying plenty of delicious delivery options that can be left *non-contact* outside of our door for us to retrieve when the coast is clear. For those entering Montreal, or Canada, or simply looking for some delivery inspo elsewhere in the world, check out our picks of the best delivery options for our 14-day quarantine.
  • Montreal's Egg Themed Breakfast Spots

    One quirky thing I noticed during my travels to Montreal was the number of not only impeccable breakfast joints but the frequency of egg puns in the name of said joints. Here is a list of a few of the best breakfast places in the city of Montreal, that also have an egg-themed title. While all of these restaurants have extensive ways of preparing eggs for your morning- from eggs benedict to hearty omelets, they also have lengthy menus that will satisfy even those who are seeking something a little different than l'oeuf in the morning. Bon Apetit!
  • Best Breakfasts in Tokyo

    In case it isn't clear yet, breakfast is my favorite meal. I love trying out traditional-style breakfasts across the world, nothing beats starting a day of exploration with a hearty meal. My personal tastes aside, breakfast culture in Tokyo is something you cannot miss, check out my favorite destinations, from authentic Japanese style cooking to the fluffiest Hawaiian-inspired pancakes on the planet.
  • Best Travel Destinations for Libras

    Libras are always seeking balance in everything that they do. Being such indecisive individuals as they are, I decided to step in as a travel-obsessed libra who is always seeking the best spots for like-minded folks. So, if you're seeking aesthetics, art, culture, and a touch of chaos- here are my top libra-approved travel destinations to narrow down your options a little more.
  • Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Tokyo

    Outside of central Tokyo, there are so many hidden gem neighborhoods each with its own unique character. Full of historical and contemporary importance, these neighborhoods mark some of the most charming areas across the city. From Kitchen Town to Nakano Broadway, visit these unique areas for an authentic look into daily Tokyo life.
  • Shibuya and Harajuku Guide

    Shibuya and Harajuku are close-by areas in Tokyo that are at the center of Japanese youth culture. Along with the trendiest shops, tastiest food, and most fashionable people, Shibuya and Harajuku offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences that give you a taste of life in Tokyo. From the iconic Shibuya Crossing to hidden drinking alleyways, the streets of Shibuya city are full of surprises. On this list, we included our top shops, restaurants, and locations which we feel encompass some of the most fun parts of traveling to Tokyo.
  • Tokyo Art Museums

  • Things to do in Shibuya

    Shibuya is easily one of the top tourist destinations in Tokyo. This lively part of the city encompasses all culture and entertainment, with stunning art galleries, shopping malls, and breathtaking views. With the iconic Shibuya Crossing right outside of the station, you are immediately exposed to neon lights and bustling streets. Enjoy delicious food, fashion boutiques, and anything you can imagine in what could be considered the center of all Japanese pop culture.
  • Where to go for Matcha in Kyoto

    Matcha is a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves. While matcha has spread to be a globally loved and consumed flavor; arguably the best matcha in the world can be found in Uji, Kyoto. Uji is a district of Kyoto known as the birthplace of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, and people from all over Japan flock to this district to try authentic and fresh matcha treats. If you are taking time to explore all of the hidden treasures and traditional architecture and culture of Kyoto, you need to include an afternoon enjoying matcha as part of your checklist.
  • Black Owned Restaurants to try in Tokyo

    Tokyo has amazing food options from all corners of the globe, and while you are in the city it is imperative to taste all of the delicious options available. From Ethiopian cuisine to classic American comfort food, there is a place in Tokyo to transport you there. Support these five locally owned businesses which provide some of the friendliest service and most mouth-watering food in Tokyo city.
  • Where to get CBD Infused Edibles and Products in NYC

    Unwind from your busy New York days with these tasty and well-loved spots. CBD is a compound that derives from cannabis, which is can be legally consumed recreationally in New York by New Yorkers and tourists alike. Since the legalization of the popular product, trendy restaurants have been finding their own twist on introducing CBD infused edibles and wellness products. Whether you are looking for fresh juice, warm coffee beverages, or beauty products infused with CBD, there is something in the city for you.
  • Things to Do and Eat in Kichijoji

    Kichijoji is a neighborhood on the edge of Tokyo that provides some of the most unique and fun experiences the city has to offer. Along with rows of extensive shopping and delicious food and culture, the area is also famous for the large Inokashira park which houses the world-famous Ghibli Museum. I really recommend visiting Kichijoji to anyone travelling to Tokyo, the area is truly unique and encapsulates another side of daily life in Japan that isn't as accessible in more tourist-heavy areas. Enjoy this list of some of the tastiest food and most fun activities to do in Kichijoji!
  • Chain Restaurants in Tokyo for Good Food at a Low-Cost

    Foodies can also be budget travelers in Tokyo, there are so many options for inexpensive but delicious food in the city! When it comes to chain restaurants, not everyone is a fan, but I promise you that eating at these spots provides insight into what it’s like living in Japan while being conscious of spending. Whether you are craving Japanese curry, donburi, or ramen- there are tasty and inexpensive options available. Living in Tokyo as a college student meant I was constantly trying to live frugally while still enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine. I've gathered some of my favorite spots for Japanese comfort food that won't break the bank.
  • Montreal Nightlife Guide

    Nightlife in Montreal is unmatched, the city is known for its vibrant after hours. Amongst the juxtaposed old and new city streets are countless *must visit* spots for anyone in town. With the help of my 100% Quebecer boyfriend born and raised in Montreal and my absolute love of music and interesting nightlife experiences; I’ve compiled a list of the most one-of-a-kind Montreal nightlife venues for social butterflies and more low-key people alike.
  • Cafe and Bar Guide to Shimokitazawa

    Shimokitazawa is a neighborhood in Tokyo full of delicious restaurants, bars, and cafes for nourishment as well as great shopping, and arcades for entertainment! As someone who lived in Tokyo for five years, Shimo was always my favorite place to take visitors- it's less packed than popular tourist spots and also offers access to delicious Japanese food and some of the most instagrammable cafes in Tokyo city. The vibe in Shimo is friendly and eclectic, adorned with second-hand stores and any type of food you can imagine. For this guide, I have gathered a list of great cafes and bars in Shimokitazawa to relax during your busy Tokyo days.
  • Adorable Cafes to visit in Tokyo

    Amongst famous Pokemon and Hello Kitty cafes as well as dozens of owl and maid cafes; the cafe culture in Tokyo is a unique one. This list is primarily focused on the most delicious coffee combined with an aesthetically pleasant atmosphere. I have gathered some of the hidden gems scattered around Tokyo, for any coffee lover to enjoy some of the best coffee shops in the city. Whether you like tea, coffee, cute subculture, or artisanal drinks, this list has something for you.
  • Things To Do and Food To Eat Near Roppongi Station

    Roppongi is a famous district in Tokyo that is surrounded by a huge variety of entertainment and food options. From some of the most established art galleries in Tokyo, delicious Japanese food, sprawling parks, and vibrant after-hours; Roppongi never disappoints. Visit Roppongi Hills and view the mesmerizing statue of “Maman’ by Louise Bourgeois amongst artificial waterfalls, top-of-the-line shopping, and just down a stairwell you can see the bustling side of Tokyo nightlife; with dive bars full of character amongst late-night ramen and sushi shops. While this sprawling metropolis can be overwhelming, I have gathered a list of some of the best things to see, do and naturally, *eat* in Roppongi!
  • Best Thrift Shopping in Shimokitazawa

    The patchwork of secondhand and vintage stores lining the winding streets near Shimokitazawa station are enchanting; with cafes, record shops, and arcades in between, the area is famously trendy yet more low key than Shibuya or Harajuku. Shimokitazawa is known for having a seemingly endless amount of fashionable shops catering to any subculture you can imagine. As someone passionate about shopping ethically and who is always looking for unique pieces to add to my wardrobe, I have spent countless day-long shopping sprees scouring thrift shops around every corner of ShimoKita. I’ve made a list of my go-to spots representing a variety of different trends for any thrifter who is looking to spend a day or two exploring one of the most unique assortments of secondhand and vintage boutiques you can find in Tokyo.
  • Night Out in Tokyo

    Getting lost in Tokyo’s animated nightlife amongst the neon lights and bustling streets of Roppongi and Shibuya is a unique experience that cannot be compared to anywhere else. The city changes once the clock hits 10 pm and hidden in plain sight are some of the best bars and clubs that Tokyo has to offer. Naturally, we all have our own tastes, some people love luxury bars with artisan cocktails, others seek intense house music, and some just love to dance to the top 40. Tokyo has a place for everyone and a nightlife culture that seeks to include rather than be exclusive. I have selected some of the best spots that all have a distinctive vibe. Visit as many of these places as you like- the clubs in Tokyo often don’t close until 5:00 am. This is a last-train to first-train guide on immersing yourself in Tokyo after hours.
  • Prettiest View Points in San Francisco

    San Francisco is a popular tourist destination for so many reasons, and the spectacular skyline is just one of them. If you visit the city make sure you take some time to really take in the view of this vibrant city, and in case you don't know where to start on your search for the best place to see it; I've got you covered. Here is a list of some of the best viewpoints for the city of San Francisco.
  • Most Dreamy Places to Visit in Iceland

    After writing my previous list about where to become a fairy in Iceland, I decided to continue with that theme and include even more dreamy spots for the perfect Icelandic vacation escape from reality. I was lucky in high school to have made a lifelong friend with an Icelandic girl who always lets me stay with her as well as show me the most special parts of her small and enchanting country. Here are more ideas of what to do in Iceland, whether you dream of being a fairy or just want to enjoy natural landscapes, delicious drinks, and sustainable fashion.

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