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The Top 420-Friendly Hotels in the World

In decades past, Amsterdam was the sole destination for marijuana tourism. Lucky for us, today, there are dozens of weed-friendly travel destinations around the globe that welcome recreational cannabis users with open arms. Still, in a lot of those cities, especially in the United States, it can be difficult to find safe consumption sites. Unlike our friends in the Netherlands, most 420-friendly states don’t allow for onsite consumption at recreational Marijuana dispensaries or weed cafes. Additionally, most hotels and vacation rentals forbid marijuana use, despite its widespread legalization. These strict consumption rules have forced most marijuana tourists into a tricky predicament: either break the law and consume in public, or pay for pricey marijuana tours.

Fortunately for pot smokers and enthusiasts, there is a budding new industry (pun intended) that solves the consumption problem once and for all: 420-friendly hotels and resorts. These businesses have affectionately been named “bud and breakfasts,” and have been popping up all over the world. 420-friendly hotels and resorts come in all shapes and sizes, from backpacker hostels to full-scale luxury resorts and include some pretty incredible extras like spas and 420 events. To find out more about our favorite 420-friendly hotels around the world, continue reading below.  

The Treehouse Joint: a 420-friendly glamping resort

The Treehouse Joint, Monroe, Washington State, US.

The Treehouse Joint offers guests an unparalleled treehouse-style glamping experience. There’s no better environment to enjoy your high than surrounded by nature in the trees. The Pot Leaf Tree House, The Hashtag Tree House, and the 420 Tree House are all connected by a moss-covered pathway on the forest floor. Each treehouse offers unique canopy views for guests to enjoy while smoking. When you finally climb down from your treehouse escape, you’re in for a few laughs because “the Treehouse Joint shares the farm with a horse, donkey, two dogs, a swearing African grey parrot, and a mini pig that loves to play dress-up named VeggieMight.”

Desert Hot Springs Inn: California’s favorite 420-friendly Inn and Spa

Desert Hot Springs Inn, Desert Hot Springs, California, US.

Travelers have been seeking solitude and relaxation in the surrounding desert near Palm Springs, California for decades. This iconic location draws travelers from all walks of life who are after one thing: peace of mind. And the Desert Hot Springs Inn offers just that, with its spring-fed, mineral-water-heated pool, spa, and sweeping desert views. This six-bedroom hotel is an intimate setting for a tranquil getaway. The hotel does permit onsite consumption but encourages marijuana users to be considerate of other guests with their consumption.

The Bulldog Hotel: “only stay here if you enjoy smoking weed”

The Bulldog Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam is the original weed tourism destination. The city hosts curious travelers and pot connoisseurs alike as they peruse the city’s infamous coffee shops, indulging in pre-rolled joints, space cakes, and everything in between. The Bulldog Hotel has a room for every type of traveler. Self branded as the world’s first “5-star hostel,” this 420-friendly hotel has modern private rooms and dorms, as well as a weed club, rooftop terrace, a trendy bar, and a “free herbal mix” for guests. While all rooms are non-smoking, smoking is allowed in the bar/lounge and on the rooftop terrace.

The Suites at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: within walking distance from the city’s best dispensaries

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

Planning a trip to Las Vegas is a must-do at least once in your lifetime. Like everything else in Vegas, the Las Vegas Suites at the Cosmopolitan are completely over the top in the best way possible. These luxury suites atop The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas are 420 friendly. Nevada legalized recreational marijuana sales and consumption in 2017, and since then, Sin City has transformed into a mecca for stoners and gamblers alike. The hotel is within walking distance from the city’s best dispensaries, shows, and casinos. While the suites are technically 420 friendly, smoking is prohibited inside the room. Smokers can enjoy Nevada’s finest bud on the terrace before heading down to the Casino floor for some fun. Ready for some 420 fun in Sin City? Check out our Las Vegas trip planner.

Little Bay Cabins: 420-friendly cabins on the shores where Bob Marley had a beach house

Little Bay Cabins, Little Bay, Jamaica.

Jamaica has been synonymous with weed tourism even before Bob Marley and the Wailers cried out, “Legalize it!” While weed is technically legal in Jamaica, there are few official 420-friendly hotels. Little Bay Cabins offers a relaxed take on the island’s already laid-back weed culture. Located on the very shores where Bob Marley himself had a beach house, this laid-back, 420-friendly hotel is a weed smoker’s paradise. Spend your days smoking and relaxing on the beach, or explore the island’s hidden treasures, including the ruins of Bob Marley’s former beach house.

Jupiter Hotel Portland: Oregon’s first cannabis-friendly hotel package

Jupiter Hotel Portland, Portland, Oregon, US.

Shortly after Oregon legalized recreational marijuana use in 2014, Jupiter Hotel in famous hippie town Portland began the first cannabis-friendly hotel package in the state. Jupiter hotel was founded in 2004 and has since expanded. While the entire hotel is not dedicated to the 420-friendly theme, they offer stylish, upscale lodging with the option to partake in their 420-friendly package. Jupiter Hotel has partnered with one of Oregon’s premier cannabis companies, Oregrown, to create a one-of-a-kind, cannabis-infused lodging experience. This stay includes an “everything but the weed kit” that features discount vouchers for Oregrown, an Oregrown stash jar, a Jupiter logo-engraved Pax Era battery, rolling papers, t-shirts, hats, and other goodies. The Jupiter Hotel is conveniently located three blocks from Oregrown in SE Portland.  

Luxury Cannabis Lofts: is home to rooftop deck complete with downtown views, a hot tub, and a smoking spot

Luxury Cannabis Lofts, Denver, Colorado, US.

Located in the heart of Denver, near the bustling neighborhood of RiNo (River North), this weed-friendly loft is an excellent option for travelers looking for bud and breakfast type lodging. This spacious loft is roomy enough for a group of friends ready to explore the heart of American weed tourism. Denver doesn’t allow consumption at dispensaries, so 420-friendly hotels are a must-book for visitors who are looking to partake in the city’s famed marijuana culture. This luxury 420-friendly loft has the perfect smoking spot, a rooftop deck complete with downtown views, and a hot tub.

The Winston House: a 420-friendly airbnb in the heart of Seattle, Washington

The Winston House, Seattle, Washington State, US.

The Winston House in Seattle, Washington, has evolved from a trendy, 420-friendly Airbnb to a full-blown wellness center. According to their website, “Cannabis IS the gateway drug… to an era of consciousness.” The Winston House provides “the ideal environment for our guests to experience the quintessential Seattle lifestyle.” While the private rooms are comfortable, the appeal of the Winston House lies in its communal areas where an open and spacious design facilitates thoughtful discussions. The living room is fully equipped with everything you need for your smoking journey, from pipes and bongs to rolling papers.

Stoke Surf House at San Sebastian Surf Camp: the best place for surf and smoke

San Sebastian Surf Camp, San Sebastian, Spain

You can’t get much closer to nature than when you’re surfing. If you want to feel one with the elements and enjoy the finest weed Europe has to offer, head to Stoke Surf House in San Sebastian, Spain. Stoke Surf House offers dorm-style lodging in its Basque Country hotel. This 420-friendly hotel offers daily surf and yoga lessons and allows for weed consumption on the hotel terrace. If you’re looking for a 420-friendly hotel with a communal environment that’s close to nature, Stoke Surf House is the place for you. While weed is not technically legal in Spain, it has been decriminalized for years.