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Traveler | Dog Mom | Foodie | History Nerd. Hey seekers! I’m Danielle and I love to explore new places with my husband, our dogs, and our friends. Some of my favorite places to travel are historic sites, food and wine destinations, National Parks, and of course dog friendly places! Follow along some of our adventures; @finn.luna_adventuredog and @dmvarc on Instagram!

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  • Places I've been

  • 10 Spots for Afternoon Tea in London

    No trip to London would be complete without a proper afternoon tea experience. The problem is choosing just one or two of these to explore. Each offers a unique experience and a range of tea and pastries.
  • London Eats

    One of my favorite things to do while traveling is finding great local spots to eat, and this visit to London is no different.
  • 10 London cafes to get work done

    For those trips where you still need to get some work done a cafe with good wifi is a must. These are a few cafes I plan to check out.
  • London

    On a quick trip to London there are some definite must see sights!
  • New Orleans Markets and Historic Areas

    New Orleans is full of history, art, music, and culture. Visit some of these areas and markets to see some of the very best NoLA has to offer.
  • Kansas City Brewery Tour

    There are so many great craft breweries in the US and Kansas City is no exception! Check out some of Kansas City's Craft Beer scene.
  • Kansas City Eats

    Don't sleep on these great food places around KC.
  • Kansas City Museums not to miss

    For a little history, check out these great Kansas City museums.
  • 8 Great Bagels in NYC

    Nothing hits the spot quite like a nice warm New York Bagel. And no matter what people say, you can't get them anywhere else in the world! Here are 8 of the best (in my opinion) places to get a bagel in the big apple.
  • Maine Lighthouses

    Historic buildings that would guide sailors to the coast from around the world, these are some of Maine's most picturesque lighthouses. From Portland Head Light all the way up to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, you could take a week long road trip to try to see them all!
  • Memphis, TN

    Aside from being home to the King, in Memphis you'll find inviting people, great BBQ, and of course amazing music.
  • Must See Portland Maine Breweries

    A trip to Maine would not be complete without a tasting some of the local craft brews! These Portland Maine breweries are a great place to spend an afternoon catching up with friends and tasting some of the quintessential Maine fare!
  • My Napa Valley Wine Tour

    I recently visited Napa Valley and got so many recommendations from friends about which wineries to visit! Here I share some of my favorite Napa wineries both in the valley and in downtown Napa. I definitely recommend looking into the Priority Wine Pass. There are so many wineries that have deals and discounts through the pass that it would be silly not to invest in it.
  • National Historic Parks and Monuments in New York

    National Parks have gotten a huge boost this year with the shift to more outdoor activities. But did you know, there's more to national parks than the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone? These are some of the many National Historical Parks you can visit in New York State such as Hyde Park, the home of FDR or The Grange, the home of Alexander Hamilton.
  • National Parks Bucket List

    I don't know about you but 2020 has got me dreaming of traveling even more than usual. Since the safest way to travel this year has been outdoor activities I've found myself looking at new ways to explore the outdoors. Here you'll find a few of my National Park wish lists for around the world! #seekerchallenge
  • New Orleans Breakfast Spots

    There's so much more to breakfast in the Big Easy than beignets. Check out some of these spots that are all walkable from the French Quarter.
  • New Orleans Dinner Spots

    Delicious dinner spots close to the French Quarter.
  • Hometown Holiday; Colonie, NY

    Festive spots and cozy cafe's to experience the holiday's in New York's Capital District.
  • New Orleans Wish List

    Places I’d love to visit in New Orleans at Wanderfest
  • NYC Coffee Shops that are better than Starbucks

    One of my favorite things to do on weekends in the city is heading to one of my favorite cafe's for a cappuccino, and sitting by the window and people watching. The rule of thumb for most NYC dining/cafe's etc is if you can get it at home, don't have it here! This list should give you a bunch of coffee options around NYC that are not Starbucks (or dunks).
  • Race-cation Destinations

    In addition to traveling, I also really enjoy running. I've completed numerous 5k's 8k's 10k's, trail races, and a half marathon. 2022 will be my first marathon starting with the iconic NYC Marathon. With races in so many beautiful places I should definitely start training!
  • Ski the East

    It's finally winter and that means its time to hit the slopes! Colorado and the west are often the most visited ski areas, but skiing the east coast has just as many great ski resort options as well! Here are some great mountains and resorts where you can ski the east coast this winter season!
  • Spend a weekend in Montauk

    Some places to visit and where I'd like to go in Montauk, NY.
  • Things to do in NYC with Kids

    You may be wondering how someone that doesn't have kids can recommend things to do with kids. Well, we were all kids once and the very first time I was in NYC I was only 9 years old! There are a ton of great things to do in the city with kids.
  • Things to do in Santorini Greece

    The quintessential Greek island covered with blue and white buildings and surrounded by the glittering Aegean Sea is a dream destination for many. There is so much more to do and see here than just relaxing in your cliffside hot tub watching the beautiful sunset; although that tends to be what draws people to Santorini Greece in the first place.
  • Virginia's Historic Triangle

    I have spent my whole life visiting different places in Virginia and was lucky enough to live there for six years. In that time I have visited countless historic sites and even had the chance to work at some. From archaeological sites to historic trades, Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown have a lot to offer any visitor to the Historic Triangle.
  • What Not To Do In NYC

    When you visit NYC there are a lot of things that people think are "must see" things. I can bet a good chunk of those things are generally avoided by New Yorkers. So this list is a little backwards - places to not go in NYC.
  • What to do with 5 Days in Dublin

    I went to Ireland for the first time in 2019 and absolutely fell in love with it! I was only in Ireland for five days, but managed to introduce myself to many different parts of the country. From Dublin and the iconic Guinness Storehouse, to Northern Ireland and Giant's Causeway, to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast. I didn't get to spend a lot of time in each of these places but it gave me a taste and left me wanting to return as soon as possible!
  • Winter Wonderland Wish List

    I love traveling in the summer when the sun is out and cities are bustling, but there are some places that need to be seen in winter for you to experience their true beauty. These are some of the places that I am longing to go for a winter getaway! Fair warning: festive lighting and a dusting of snow are my reasons for all of these places :) #seekerchallenge
  • 10 Colorful Destinations around the World

    Bright colors catch our eye and draw us in. Here you will find some of the most colorful places to visit around the world, from tulip festivals in the Netherlands, to bright colored buildings of Puerto Rico.
  • Castles Bucket List

    Castles around the world I want to visit!
  • 9 Boston Bars to Drink Like a Local

    A trip to Boston is steeped in American History. You can walk the streets that Paul Revere walked, see where tea was thrown in the harbor (and see some of the actual tea - conservation is cool) and eat and drink in some of the historic institutions. But Boston has its own special tavern and bar history and these are some of the best bars to visit if you really want to drink like a local!
  • Art Galleries and Museums in New Orleans

    Enjoy more than just good drinks and music in New Orleans. Take some time to visit these museums. Be sure to get a piece to take home for your walls.
  • Backpacking the Northeast

    These are some of my wish list and planned backpacking trips around the northeast US.
  • Bars and Rooftops in New Orleans

    Bourbon Street gets all the attention but there are so many more great bars in the downtown area. Here are some of the best places and rooftops to grab a cocktail.
  • Best Bars and Restaurants in Hell's Kitchen

    Hell's Kitchen is no longer the seedy, gritty place that it used to be. Now when you walk down the street you'll find amazing coffee shops, bakeries, bars, and restaurants everywhere! Being close to all of these great food options was one of my favorite things about living in Hell's Kitchen! I hope you get to try some of these places on your next visit!
  • Best Craft Breweries in Upstate NY

    The New York State Craft Beer industry has exploded in the past 10 years. There are so many great small NY breweries throughout the state that it would take months to visit them all. These are some of the NY craft breweries in the upstate/capital district that on my go to list.
  • Best Festival Races

    This spring and summer I am most looking forward to getting outside and experiencing some of the most fun races that end in a celebration! I love a good road race especially when the finish line is filled with food trucks and beer tents! These are some of the most fun races I've done or are planning to do!
  • Best New Years Eve Celebrations in Europe

    With the new year approaching, I find myself planning more and more trips. This list is hopefully going to narrow down my choices for vacations in Europe to celebrate New Years Eve next year!

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