From luxurious, yet affordable villas, to monkey encounters and banana pancakes, Bali truly has something for everyone. From the states, it’s a good 24 hour trek to get there, so be sure to carve out a good 2-3 weeks to fully experience this magical island.

If epic surf, delicious food, and gorgeous guest houses by the beach are your thing, then Bali is where you’ll want to head. This famous tropical destination is anything but overdone — despite what everyone else will have you believe. Just bypass over-touristed Kuta and you’ll discover a wonderful, laid-back, and super-friendly haven that’s made for relaxing vacations. Choose between the cooler temps and uber-trendy vibe of Ubud in the highlands, the glorious reefs off the coast of Candi Dasa on the east, or pick just about any spot on Bali’s north coast where you’ll find dolphins, boat rides, amazing grilled seafood, and very, very few tourists. Bali offers 101 options, and if you’re willing to go beyond the usual hot-spots, you’ll discover an island that’s steeped in ancient traditions and outstanding natural beauty. Life is blissfully easy and inexpensive in Bali, making it one of the world’s best hubs for digital nomads. But there’s more to it than that. With exceptional beaches, friendly locals, and a lifestyle that just screams ‘tropical paradise’, Bali is the bees’ knees, helped by the fact that delightful Lombok and the unplugged Gili Islands are all but a short boat-ride away.

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