Famous Trees in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Jody Vandergriff

Sequoias are native to California and only California thanks to the high altitudes of the Sierra Nevadas and the runoff of the mountain snow. They are the biggest trees in the world, by volume, and only the redwoods can make a bigger claim as the tallest trees in the world. This is what makes Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks so epic. And these are the most famous of all the mighty sequoias.

  • Stump Meadow

    More of a graveyard for trees, it still makes the list because these stumps tell the story of how difficult it was to log these trees back in the 1880s.

    June 13, 2022
  • Lincoln Tree

    The 4th largest tree in the world, named after President Lincoln and located in the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park.

    June 13, 2022
  • General Grant Tree

    Located in the aptly named Grant Grove of Kings Canyon National Park, General Grant is one of the largest trees in the world, second to only General Sherman in neighboring Sequoia National Park.

    June 2, 2022
  • Sequoia National Park's Tunnel Log

    Unlike the famous Tunnel Tree in Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Park's Tunnel Log came to be from national causes. Around 1937, a mighty sequoia fell across Crescent Meadow Road and the tunnel was carved to allow cars to pass through. The rest is history.

    June 2, 2022
  • The President Tree

    Located in the Giant Forest, along with General Sherman, The President Tree is the third largest tree in the world.

    June 13, 2022
  • General Sherman Tree