Do Before I Die: Great Ocean Walk

Angie Osorio

Walk 65 mi (104 km) through one of the most transformative and inspirational walking trails of Australia, filled with breath taking views and cultural heritage.

Twelve Apostles, Devils Kitchen GOW Campground, Ryan Den Track, Johanna Beach, Aire River, Parker Inlet, Shelly Beach, Apollo Bay

  • Twelve Apostles, Australia

    Image of Twelve Apostles on Seeker
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      Your last stop of your 7 day walking Trip is rewarded with the magnificent view of the 12 Apostles. Take a deep breath, and reminiscence about the past few days. You have now joined thousands of souls who have traversed the Great Ocean Walk and achieved personal growth.

  • Devils Kitchen GOW Campground, Australia

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      Welcome to the 12 Apostles a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of The Great Ocean Road, one of the natural marvels of the world. Fun Fact: Although named 12 apostles, there are only 8 limestone stacks, unfortunately one of them collapsed in 2005 leaving only seven stones. Walking Time: 5.5. Next Stop: Twelve Apostles.

  • Ryan Den Track, Australia

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      Your mind and body will be tested by the most challenging days of the track. Through your journey you will be able to witness a couple of the many shipwrecks submerged along the coast (the Fiji and the Marie Gabrielle). Walking Time: 5.5. Next Stop: Devils Kitchen. Fun Fact: If you are lucky and your walk is during June to September you may witness the Southern Right Whales.

  • Johanna Beach, Australia

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      At day 5 of your trip, you will be rewarded with farmland scenery before heading towards the isolated, rugged and hidden Milanesia Beach, a very special place. Search for: Beachcomber’s cottage. Walking Time: 5.5. Next Stop: Ryan's Den.

  • Aire River, Australia

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      Congratulations you are halfway through one of the ancestral walks of Australia. Heading towards Johanna Beach will prove to be a challenge of the mind as you head up and down hills and tracks with mild difficulty. Walking Time: 4.5. Next Stop: Johanna Beach.

  • Parker Inlet, Australia

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      Enjoy the fresh dew of a summer morning under the cover of the trees and take your aching feet to Crayfish Bay for a much needed swim. Make your way towards Cape Otway Lightstation and visit the oldest operational lighthouse in Australia. Your trip will now guide you through sand dunes and calcified cliffs. Walking Time: 5.5 hours Next Stop: Aire River Fun Fact: "Aire" in Spanish means Air.

  • Shelly Beach in Apollo Bay, Australia

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      Your next pit stop from Shelly Beach will lead you towards one of the tallest forests of the world right into the heart of Mountain Ash, Great Otway National Park, were trees go up to 65m high. Top tip: bring a walking stick, the hills are no joke! Walking Time: 6.5 hours. Next Stop: Parker Inlet

  • Apollo Bay, Australia

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      Start the unique experience at Apollo's Bay at the Visitor Centre, make sure you have light belongings but are ready for the changing weather of down under, as for the next six days your feet will be your method of transport. Walking Time: 3.5 hours Next Stop: Shelley Beach Camp Site: Elliot Ridge Campsite