Maine Lighthouses

Amy Call

Tags: Adventure, lighthouse, Living my best life, Maine, ocean, Sightseeing, Slow travel

  • Owls Head Lighthouse in Maine, United States

    Image of Owls Head Lighthouse on Seeker
    • amyann

      Follow the path from the parking lot to Owl's Head Lighthouse which looks out over Rockland Harbor. Look across the harbor and you can see the imposing Rockland Breakwater. Watch the windjammers cruise the harbor.

  • Portland Head Light in Maine, United States

    Image of Portland Head Light on Seeker
    • amyann

      Perhaps the most famous lighthouse on the East Coast! Portland Head Light is the oldest lighthouse in Maine commissioned by George Washington himself. Explore Fort Williams park, walk the paths through the park, and climb the rocks for a unique view of the tower.

  • Bug Light in Maine, United States

    Image of Bug Light on Seeker
    • amyann

      Technically called Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, this tiny tower is affectionately known as Bug light. What this lighthouse lacks in height it makes up for in fancy architecture.

  • Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in Maine, United States

    Image of Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse on Seeker
    • amyann

      Walk the breakwater out to one of the few spark plug style lighthouses in Maine. Time your visit right and you can climb up to the lighthouse and explore the living quarters inside. You might even get to ring the gong!

  • West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, United States

    Image of West Quoddy Head Lighthouse on Seeker
    • amyann

      Visit the easternmost point in the United States! A gorgeous red and white striped tower sat atop the rocky coast. Glimpse Sail Rock off the shore and take the path down to the ocean to find the smoothest stones you’ve ever felt.

  • Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Maine, United States

    Image of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse on Seeker
    • amyann

      Worth the drive down the Pemaquid Peninsula. Pemaquid Lighthouse guards a coastal rocky point. Spend the afternoon climbing the rocks, watching the waves, and taking in the sea air.

  • Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse in Maine, United States

    Image of Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse on Seeker
    • amyann

      Have you ever wanted to walk a mile into the ocean? Now’s your chance! You’ll have to earn your visit by traversing a 7/8 mile breakwater. Climb the tower and check out the Fresnel lens. If you’re lucky you might catch a passing windjammer. Beware the tides of Maine! At high tide the ocean engulfs the end of the breakwater.