Unusual Scuptures in Prague!

Reina Cartagena

If you decide to go for a walk around Prague you'll end up finding one of these weird and unusual sculptures around the city. Most of them done by famous artist David Cerny! So get ready to be surprised.

Memorial Kafka, Statue of King Wenceslas Riding an Upside-Down Dead Horse, Head of Franz Kafka, "Babies" Sculpture by David Cerný, Man Hanging Out, Piss Sculpture

  • Memorial Kafka, Czech Republic

    Image of Memorial Kafka on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      Statue of Franz Kafka (by Jaroslav Róna) – a two-figure sculpture consisting of two bodies – the lower massive figure is a hollow suit (jacket and trousers), and on its shoulders sits Franz Kafka himself. The memorial is inspired by Kafka’s short story Description of a Struggle.

  • Statue of King Wenceslas Riding an Upside-Down Dead Horse

    Image of Statue of King Wenceslas Riding an Upside-Down Dead Horse on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      An ancient king rides… an upside-down, apparently dead horse. The upside-down horse sculpture is hidden in Lucerna Passage right in the middle of Wenceslas Square. The sculpture is a mocking reference for the King, like other works from Cerny, we can see his humor is quite eccentric.

  • Head of Franz Kafka, Czech Republic

    Image of Head of Franz Kafka on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      The Head of Franz Kafka, also known as the Statue of Kafka, is an outdoor sculpture by David Černý depicting Bohemian German-language writer Franz Kafka. The kinetic sculpture is 11 meters tall and made of 42 rotating panels. It a very tourist spot! It is fascinating to see the panels rotating to become the head.

  • "Babies" Sculpture by David Cerný, Czech Republic

    Image of "Babies" Sculpture by David Cerný on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      Another piece by David Cerny, I think by now you can really see his style. This piece consists of several sculptures depicting babies, which are 350 cm long and 260 cm high. Their faces are replaced with bar code stamps. These babies used to be in another building in Prague ( Zizkov Tower but for some reason, they were removed)

  • Man Hanging Out, Czech Republic

    Image of Man Hanging Out on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      This is a statue that has caused more than a few people to be concerned that a man is about to suicide, but fears not, it is simply a fake Sigmund Freud. Again by the same artist David Cerny which his works are always been seen as somewhat deliberately provocative.

  • Piss Sculpture, Czech Republic

    Image of Piss Sculpture on Seeker
    • reinacartagena

      This is a sculpture and fountain by Czech artist David Černý, installed outside the Franz Kafka Museum. It's definitely something weird to see.