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"Babies" Sculpture by David Cerný

A provocative set of oversized fiberglass infants with barcoded faces by artist David Cerný, an iconic urban installation.
  • 2503 U Sovových mlýnů

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Another piece by David Cerny, I think by now you can really see his style. This piece consists of several sculptures depicting babies, which are 350 cm long and 260 cm high. Their faces are replaced with bar code stamps. These babies used to be in another building in Prague ( Zizkov Tower but for some reason, they were removed)

reinacartagena 3 years ago

If you’re near the TV tower in the Žižkov area, look up and you’ll see giant babies crawling up the side of the tower. Yes, that’s another David Černý masterpiece.

travelfreak 4 years ago

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