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Channel Islands National Park

A national park off the California coast comprising five rugged isles with unique wildlife, dive sites, and hiking trails.

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This marine sanctuary is made up of five islands along the Santa Barbara Channel. Though the park is just a short trip from LA, it’s accessible only by Island Packer boats and planes, making it a quiet oasis from which wildflower enthusiasts and hikers can relax on white sand beaches, camp in the backcountry, and explore the estimated 148 archaeological village sites left by Paleo Indian people and dwarf wooly mammoths 13,000 years ago. Thrill seekers can also snorkel and dive between crystal-clear underwater arches or try their hand at sea cave kayaking (yes, sea cave kayaking).  Though the islands are last on this list, they’re certainly not the least. From any point and any activity, Channel Islands National Park offers 360-degree views of the ocean beyond hilly meadows, as well as opportunities to see the blue whales, the world’s largest animals, and around 30 other marine mammal species. 

savannah.whitmer 3 years ago

Take five islands: Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel. Add 145 endemic species of animal, circling blue whales, myriad dolphins, underwater forests of sea fans and kelp, white-tinged beaches, and hills of sand dunes speckled with rushrose and oak. Viola – that’s the amazing Channel Islands National Park. Access is solely by boat from the classic North American surf town of Ventura on the California mainland. 

jrfrancis 4 years ago

Channel Islands National Park, a splendid detour on a California National Parks Road Trip, offers a unique experience distinct from the mainland attractions. Located off the Southern California coast, this park encompasses five rugged islands that serve as a pristine retreat for those seeking adventure amid natural beauty, with opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and kayaking through sea caves. Accessible only by boat or small aircraft, a visit to the Channel Islands provides a serene contrast to the more accessible and frequented parks of California's scenic road trip circuit.

gocamp 3 months ago

Channel Islands National Park is a stunning California archipelago consisting of five islands full of unique flora and fauna, and offers visitors an incredible opportunity for wildlife viewing and outdoor recreation. The park is home to several endemic species, such as the island fox and the island scrub-jay, making it an excellent spot for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Here, visitors can explore rugged coastlines, hike through picturesque trails, go kayaking or snorkeling in crystal clear waters, and enjoy a peaceful escape from the mainland.

seeker 1 year ago

Channel Islands National Park is a magnificent maritime haven off the Southern Californian coast, best known for its rugged beauty and unique wildlife. Often referred to as the "Galapagos of North America," this park consists of five islands offering a wealth of outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and wildlife watching. It's an ideal nature stop on a California National Park road trip, accessible by boat or small aircraft, to experience pristine landscapes and solitude unlike anywhere on the mainland.

seeker 6 months ago

Strung like a series of pearls out from the California coast into the Pacific, Channel Islands National Park is a remote sanctuary for all sorts of marine creatures, especially whales and sea lions. On land, you get unique island oak specimens and the lovely island fox.

jrfrancis 3 years ago

Channel Islands National Park encompasses five islands along California that are rich in plant life and friendly animals. Enjoy the ocean environment, rolling meadows, hiking trails, sandy beaches, and awesome snorkeling opportunities.

seeker 3 years ago

Channel Islands National Park has something for everyone, whether you want to explore mysterious water caves, go river rafting, or hike rugged coastlines- this destination is steeping in adventure.

seeker 3 years ago

Boat tour, hiking, unique wildlife

lwithrow 3 years ago

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