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Capital of Virginia, known for its Civil War history, the James River, and monuments of Confederate leaders.

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A bit deeper into Virginia, Richmond is another great city to consider for Juneteenth celebrations. Year-round, Black RVA is a hub for experiencing the culture in Richmond. This year there’s a Block Party Festival with spoken word, food, and live music on the 19th. Because Juneteenth falls on Father’s Day this year, a local NAACP branch celebrates Black fatherhood with more food, performances, and wine tastings. Later this month, on June 26th, the Elegba Folklore Society will host their annual freedom market and pay ancestral homage with a visit to Richmond’s African Burial Grounds.   For food lovers looking to honor Black culture through their palettes, Black-owned restaurants like Lillie Pearl and BRUN are delicious places to be. At Richmond’s beloved Lillie Pearl, African American and West African foodways blend into offerings like braised beef short ribs with jollof rice. At BRUN, premium whiskeys and cigars are available, which have deep roots in Black culture.

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Richmond, Virginia is a city steeped in history and culture, with charming cobblestone streets, a thriving arts scene, and stunning colonial-era architecture. Visitors can explore the city's many museums and galleries, sample delicious regional cuisine, and take a stroll along the scenic James River Park System. Whether you're interested in history, the outdoors, or simply soaking up the city's unique southern charm, Richmond is a must-visit destination.

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Richmond, Virginia is a bustling city full of history and culture. As the capital of Virginia, it is home to the state's government and many historical landmarks, including the iconic Capitol building and the Museum of Fine Arts. Visitors can explore the James River, sample local cuisine, and immerse themselves in the rich history of the Civil War and early American politics.

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Richmond has emerged as a top beer destination in recent years, with over 30 breweries in the area. Beer lovers can expect to find a variety of styles, including traditional German lagers and innovative experimental brews.

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